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Emc Filter - Mitsubishi Electric FR-F720P-0.75K Instruction Manual

Fr-f700p series.
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EMC filter

This inverter is equipped with a built-in EMC filter (capacitive filter) and common mode choke.
The EMC filter is effective for reduction of air-propagated noise on the input side of the inverter.
The EMC filter is factory-set to disable (OFF). To enable it, fit the EMC filter ON/OFF connector to the ON position.
The input side common mode choke, built-in the 55K or lower inverter, is always valid regardless of ON/OFF of the
EMC filter ON/OFF connector.
5.5K or lower
EMC filter OFF
EMC filter ON
(initial setting)
FR-F720P-2.2K to 5.5K
FR-F720P-7.5K, 11K
FR-F740P-0.75K to 5.5K
FR-F740P-7.5K, 11K
The FR-F720P-0.75K and 1.5K are not provided with the EMC filter ON/OFF connector. (Always ON)
<How to disconnect the connector>
(1) Before removing a front cover, check to make sure that the indication of the inverter operation panel is OFF, wait
for at least 10 minutes after the power supply has been switched OFF, and check that there are no residual voltage
using a tester or the like. (For the front cover removal method, refer to page 6.)
(2) When disconnecting the connector, push the fixing tab and pull the connector straight without pulling the cable or
forcibly pulling the connector with the tab fixed. When installing the connector, also engage the fixing tab securely.
If it is difficult to disconnect the connector, use a pair of long-nose pliers, etc.
EMC filter
ON/OFF connector
(Side view)
⋅ Fit the connector to either ON or OFF.
⋅ Enabling (turning ON) the EMC filter increases leakage current. (Refer to Chapter 3 of
While power is ON or when the inverter is running, do not open the front cover. Otherwise you may get an electric shock.
7.5K, 11K
EMC filter OFF
EMC filter ON
(initial setting)
FR-F740P-15K, 18.5K
Disengage connector fixing tab.
EMC filter OFF
(initial setting)
FR-F720P-18.5K to 30K
FR-F720P-37K or higher
FR-F740P-22K, 30K
FR-F740P-37K or higher
With tab disengaged,
pull up connector straight.
the Instruction Manual (Applied))
15K or higher
EMC filter ON
EMC filter


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