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Mitsubishi Electric FR-F720P-0.75K Instruction Manual Page 73

Fr-f700p series.
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Start/stop using terminals (External
[EXT] is not lit even when
Switchover of the operation mode with
60Hz, 30Hz and 10Hz are not output from RH, RM and RL respectively when they are turned ON. ... Why?
Check for the setting of Pr. 4, Pr. 5, and Pr. 6 once again.
Check for the setting of Pr. 1 Maximum frequency and Pr. 2 Minimum frequency once again. (Refer to
page 74)
Check for the Pr. 79 setting once again. (Pr. 79 must be set to "0" or "2".) (Refer to page 78)
Check that Pr. 180 RL terminal function selection = "0", Pr. 181 RM terminal function selection = "1",
Pr. 182 RH terminal function selection = "2" and Pr. 59 Remote function selection = "0". (all are initial
[FWD (or REV)] is not lit. ... Why?
Check that wiring is correct. Check it again.
Check that "60" is set in Pr. 178 STF terminal function selection (or "61" is set in Pr. 179 STR terminal
function selection)?
(all are initial values)
How is the frequency setting from 4 to 7 speed ?
In the initial setting, when two or more of multi-speed settings are simultaneously selected, priority is
given to the set frequency of the lower signal. For example, when RH and RM signals turn ON, the
RM signal (Pr. 5) has a higher priority. By setting Pr. 24 to Pr. 27 (multi-speed setting), up to 7- speed
can be set by combinations of RH, RM, and RL signals. Refer to Chapter 4 of
Manual (Applied).
Perform multi-speed operation more than 8 speed. ... How?
Use the REX signal to perform the operation. Maximum of 15-speed operation can be performed.
Refer to Chapter 4 of
· External operation is fixed by setting "2" (External operation mode) in Pr. 79 Operation mode selection when you do not want to take
time pressing
or when you want to use the current start command and frequency command. (Refer to page 78)
is pressed ... Why?
is valid when Pr. 79 = "0" (initial value).
the Instruction Manual (Applied).
the Instruction


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