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Appendix 1-2 Replacement Of The Fr-a100 Series; Appendix 2 Serial Number Check; Instructions For Installation - Mitsubishi Electric FR-F720P-0.75K Instruction Manual

Fr-f700p series.
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SERIAL number check
(4) Main differences and compatibilities with the FR-F500(L) series
Simple mode
61 parameters
User group 1 (16 parameters), User group 2 (16
User group
parameters) (Pr.160, Pr.173 to Pr.175)
Performing the parameter clear or all parameter clear
(H5A96 or HAA99) from the DeviceNet
communication option (FR-A5ND) clears the Pr. 345
and Pr. 346 settings.
2% for 11K to 55K
Torque boost
User initial
value setting
DC injunction
With a terminal (X13 signal)
function with
(Setting value "8888" for Pr.11, setting value "13" for
Pr.180 to Pr.186)
Long wire mode Setting values "10 and 11" for Pr.240
(Pr.60 setting "3" and Pr.61 to Pr.63)
Pr.38, Pr.39
torque boost
Terminal block
Removable terminal block
FR-PU04, DU04
Computer link, relay output option
Plug-in option
Three boards can be mounted
Installation size
Appendix 1-2 Replacement of the FR-A100 <EXCELENT> series

Instructions for installation

• When using the installation holes of the FR-A100(E) series, FR-A5AT (intercompatibility attachment) is necessary.

Appendix 2 SERIAL number check

For the location of the rating plate, refer to page 1.
Rating plate example
Symbol Year Month Control number
SERIAL (Serial No.)
Dedicated plug-in option (not compatible)
FR-F720P-0.75K, 2.2K, 3.7K, 7.5K, 18.5K, 22K, 37K, 45K,
FR-F740P-0.75K to 3.7K, 7.5K, 11K, 22K, 37K to 55K are compatible in mounting dimensions
For other capacities, an optional intercompatibility attachment (FR-AAT) is necessary.
The SERIAL consists of one symbol, two characters indicating
production year and month, and six characters indicating control
The last digit of the production year is indicated as the Year, and
the Month is indicated by 1 to 9, X (October), Y (November), or
Z (December.)
17 parameters
User group (16 parameters) only
Setting methods were partially changed
(Pr.160, Pr.172 to Pr.173)
Performing the parameter clear or all parameter clear
(H5A96 or HAA99) from the DeviceNet
communication option (FR-A7ND) does not clear the
Pr. 345 and Pr. 346 settings.
2% for 11K to 37K, 1.5% for 45K and 55K
(If the torque boost setting was being used in the
initial setting in the FR-F500 series, the setting does
not need to be changed from the initial setting after
the inverter is replaced with the FR-F700P series. )
Not available
Substitutable with the copy function of the operation
panel (FR-DU07)
Not available
Start in the reverse rotation is possible with the flying
start function (frequency search of the automatic
restart after instantaneous power failure function)
Setting is not necessary
(Setting values "10 and 11" for Pr.240 are deleted.)
Not available
For deceleration time, overvoltage fault can be
avoided with the regeneration avoidance function
(Pr.882 to Pr.885).
The automatic torque boost is deleted because the
Simple magnetic flux vector (Pr.80) has been added.
Removable terminal block
Upward compatibility (Terminal block of the F500 can
be mounted)
FR-DU04 unavailable (Partly restricted when the FR-
PU04 is used. Refer to page 167.)
Built into the inverter
(RS-485 terminal, relay output 2 points)
One board can be mounted


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