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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual: Event Log

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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DNS name
Domain name system or domain name service. Host or node name for a device or managed
product that is translated to an IP address through a domain name server.
domain ID
Number (1 through 31) that uniquely identifies a switch in a multiswitch fabric. A distinct
domain ID is automatically allocated to each switch in the fabric by the principal switch.
See expansion port.
See error-detect time-out value.
embedded web server
A management interface embedded on the switch's code which offers features similar to, but
not as robust as, the HAFM and Product Manager.
error-detect time-out value
E_D_TOV defines the time the switch waits for an expected response before declaring an error
error message
Indication that an error has been detected. See also information message and warning
A widely implemented local area network (LAN) protocol that uses a bus or star topology and
serves as the basis for the IEEE 802.3 standard, which specifies the physical and software
layers. Baseband LAN allows multiple station access to the transmission medium at will
without prior coordination and which avoids or resolves contention.
event code
A numeric code that displays in the event log. This code provides information on system
failures, such as hardware failures, failure locations, or general information on normal system

event log

Record of significant events that have occurred on the switch, such as FRU failures, degraded
operation, and port problems.
edge switch 2/16 product manager user guide


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