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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual Page 56

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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Monitoring and Managing the Switch
2. Port LED Indicator: A green and amber indicator to the left of each port
connector simulates LED operation on the actual switch port. When the green
indicator illuminates, the port is online and operational. When the amber indicator
illuminates steady, the port has failed. For details on port LED indicator operation,
Table 2–1 on page
3. Port Failure Indicator: A blinking red and yellow diamond ( ) below a port
connector indicates that the port has failed. Refer to
details on port operating states and the status symbol and indicator operation.
4. Beaconing or Diagnostic Test: When a blinking amber LED indicator displays by
a port and an attention indicator ( ) displays below the port's connector, either
diagnostic tests are running on the port or beaconing is enabled. Refer to
Table 2–1 on page 2-38
and indicator operation.
5. Not Installed. The port optics are not installed, or the feature that provides
additional port function is not enabled.
6. Power, System Error, and Unit Beaconing Indicators: The green and amber
indicators on the far right of the front view simulates the power and system error
LEDs on the actual switch.
Power Indicator. The green indicator (PWR) simulates the power LED on the
actual switch. When the indicator illuminates, the switch is connected to
facility AC power and is operational. The indicator will be on if either power
supply is operating.
System Error Indicator. The amber system error light indicator (ERR)
simulates the system error light on the actual switch. When this indicator
illuminates, an event has occurred requiring immediate attention, such as a
system, fan, power supply, or port failure. View details of system errors by
selecting Event Log from the Logs menu on the Product Manager menu bar.
The indicator in the Hardware View and the LED on the actual unit remains
illuminated until you clear the event by right-clicking on the front or rear view
away from a hardware component and selecting Clear System Error Light
from the menu.
Unit Beaconing Indicator. The amber indicator blinks if unit beaconing is
enabled. Enable and disable unit beaconing by right-clicking on the front or
rear view away from a hardware component and selecting Enable Unit
Beaconing from the menu.
for details on port operating states and the status symbol
edge switch 2/16 product manager user guide
Table 2–1 on page 2-38


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