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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual Page 176

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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inband management
Management of the switch through Fibre Channel connection to a port card.
information message
Message telling a user that a function is performing normally or has completed normally. See
also error message and warning message.
initial machine load
Also known as IML. Hardware reset for the CTP card on the switch. It does not affect other
hardware. It is initiated by pushing the reset (RST) button on the machine's front panel.
initial program load
Process of initializing the device and causing the operating system to start. Initiated through a
menu in the Product Manager.
Hardware, software, or both, linking systems, programs, or devices.
Internet Protocol
The TCP/IP standard protocol that defines the IP datagram as the unit of information passed
across an internet and provides the basis for connectionless, best-effort packet delivery
service. IP includes the ICMP control and error message protocol as an integral part.
internet protocol address
Unique string of numbers (in the format that identifies a device on a
Ability to communicate, execute programs or transfer data between various functional units
over a network.
interswitch link
Also known as ISL. Physical E_Port connection between two switches in a fabric.
I/O configuration
See input/output configuration.
A data set that contains an I/O configuration definition built by the IOCP.
See input/output configuration program.
edge switch 2/16 product manager user guide


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