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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual Page 101

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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LIN Alerts
A link incident (LIN) is a problem detected on a fiber optic link, such as the loss
of light or invalid sequences. When a problem occurs, a LIN alert is sent to the
Link Incident Log in the switch Product Manager. LIN alerts warn you that there is
a link incident being detected through a port connection.
Place or remove check marks in the check boxes in this column to enable or
disable link incident alerts. The factory default is to enable LIN alerts.
A link incident causes a yellow attention indicator (triangle) to display for the port
in the Hardware View and in the alert column of the Port List View. Once a LIN
occurs, you must acknowledge it by selecting the Clear Link Incident Alert option
from the right-click menu for the port (Hardware View). A description of the alert
displays in the Link Incident field of the Port Properties dialog box (refer to
Figure 2–3 on page
If the check boxes in this column are not selected, no link incident indicators
display in the Hardware View. Also, the Link Incident field of the Port Properties
dialog box is blank and a link incident is recorded in the Link Incident Log. LINs
are always logged in the Link Incident Log, regardless of the configuration.
If LIN Alerts are enabled, you can receive e-mail notification when a LIN occurs.
In order to receive e-mail notification, you must configure and enable this feature
in the HAFM (Maintenance menu) and enable e-mail notification through the
Enable E-Mail Notification option on the Product Manager's Maintenance menu.
For additional information about LIN alerts, refer to
Type (Open Systems mode only)
Select each port's type (G_Port, E_Port, or F_Port) in this column from the
drop-down list.
Port Binding
Click this check box to display a check mark and enable Port binding for the port.
This allows only a specific device to attach to the port. This device is specified by
the WWN or nickname entered into the Bound WWN column. With the check box
cleared, any device can attach to the port even if a WWN or nickname is specified
in the Bound WWN column.
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Configuring the Switch
Link Incident Alerts on


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