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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual: Prohibited Port Connection Symbol

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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All port addresses for the switch are listed along the top and left side of the matrix.
The intersection between a vertical and horizontal row of cells (squares) is where
you can either allow or prohibit connections between two addresses by clicking
the cell to prohibit connection or right-clicking the cell and displaying a menu of
The default state of a cell is an empty cell (square), which represents an allowed
connection. The symbol for a prohibited connection is shown in
a cell to add the prohibited symbol and prohibit connection to that cell.
Figure 3–8: Prohibited Port Connection Symbol
Move your cursor over the squares in the array to display the corresponding
address. Right-click on the array to display the following menu options:
— Prohibit row: Prohibits connection between all addresses in a row. In effect,
this prohibits connection between a specific address and all other port
— Allow row: Allows connection for all port addresses on a row that are
currently prohibited. This allows connection between a port with a specific
address and other allowed ports.
— Prohibit all: Prohibits connection between all port addresses. In this state,
ports in the switch cannot connect with any other port address.
— Allow all: This allows a dynamic connection through all port addresses from
which connection is currently prohibited. The allowed attribute has the lowest
precedence and does not override any other attribute.
— Block all ports: Blocks communication between all ports. Ports that are
blocked continuously transmit offline sequences (OLS).
— Unblock all ports: Unblocks all port addresses that are currently blocked. This
allows communication from all port addresses in the switch.
— Clear all: Clears the prohibit and blocked status of all port addresses in the
CUP Name
This user-defined name is assigned to the control unit port (CUP). Up to 24
alphanumeric characters allowed, including spaces, hyphens and underscores. A
space character is not allowed as the first character, and the characters are
case-sensitive. This is not a required field.
edge switch 2/16 product manager user guide
Configuring the Switch
3–8. Click


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