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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual Page 179

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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management information base
Related set of software objects (variables) containing information about a managed device and
accessed via SNMP from a network management station.
management session
Management session exists when a user logs on to the HAFM. The HAFM can support
multiple concurrent management sessions. The user must specify the network address of the
HAFM's server at logon time.
Media Access Control address
Hardware address of a node (device) connected to a network.
See management information base.
Delivery of a single transmission to multiple destination N_Ports. Can be one to many or many
to many. All members of the group are identified by one IP address.
multiswitch fabric
Fibre Channel fabric created by linking more than one fabric switching device within a fabric.
name server
Program that translates names from one form into another. Domain name servers (DNS)
translate domain names into IP addresses.
name server zoning
N_Port access management that allows N_Ports to communicate if and only if they belong to a
common name server zone.
network address
Name or address that identifies a managed product, such as the edge switch 2/16 or edge
switch 2/32, on a TCP/IP network. The network address can be either an IP address in
dotted-decimal notation (containing four three-digit octets in the format, or
a domain name (as administered on a customer network).
Alternate name assigned to a worldwide name for a node or switch in the fabric.
In Fibre Channel terminology, mode refers to an end device (server or storage device) that is or
can be connected to a switched fabric.
edge switch 2/16 product manager user guide


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