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HP StorageWorks 2/16 User Manual: Statistics Description

Hp storageworks 2/16: user guide.
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Statistics Description

The Statistics Values tables contain statistics in the following groups. To refresh tables
with the latest data, click the Refresh button on the upper right portion of the Statistics
Values panel or click the port's bar graph. Clear all counters for all users using the
Clear button.
Traffic Statistics with Receive and Transmit Values
This section describes the types of statistics that display when you click a port's bar
Link Utilization%
There is a separate value for transmit and receive link utilization. The larger of
these two values displays on the bar graph.
The current link utilization for the port is expressed as a percentage. Each port can
transmit or receive data at 200 Megabytes (MB) per second.This statistic shows
the percentage of the maximum link utilization currently being used. Link
utilization is calculated over one-second intervals. The maximum link utilization
is 100%.
The number of frames that the port has received or transmitted.
Four Byte Words
The number of words that the port has received or transmitted.
Offline Sequences
The number of offline sequence that the port has received or transmitted.
Link Resets
The number of link reset protocol frames received/transmitted by this port from/to
the attached switch. The switch transmits a link reset to initiate the link reset
protocol or recover from a link timeout. This occurs normally to establish
BB_Credit or on any port in order to recover lost BB_Credit. The switch receives
a link reset from an attached device if the device wishes to initiate the link reset or
recover from a link timeout.
There are not thresholds for these values. You may determine that a problem exists
by the rate that the value changes. BB_Credit starvation can occur if data is sent to
a device faster than it can consume the frames. This can backup into ISLs causing
degraded performance.
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