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Gp 13 Installation Space Requirements - Xerox WorkCentre 4150 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
Application Checksum Verification
This procedure will check the user interface application software checksum and any software
in the extended memory.
Touch Screen Calibration
Use this test to re-calibrate the touch screen. After entering this test, follow the instructions dis-
played on the user interface to perform, then exit the test.
WorkCentre 4150

GP 13 Installation Space Requirements

To outline the general space requirements to enable safe use and adequate access for service.
Do not work in a confined space. 1 m (39 inches) space is needed for safe working.
USA and Canada. Do not install this machine in a hallway or exit route that does not
have 1.12 m (44 inches) of space additional to the normal space requirements in front of
the machine. To conform with fire regulations this additional 1.12 m (44 inches) of space
is needed in front of the machine in hallway and exit routes.
Refer to the following:
Machine Height
Machine Weight
Machine dimensions and Installation Space Requirements
Machine Height
Basic Machine
Machine with the DADF lowered = 615mm (24.2 inches)
Machine with the DADF raised = 820mm (32.2 inches)
Machine with Two Trays and Tall Stand
Machine with the DADF lowered = 1085mm (42.7 inches)
Machine with the DADF raised = 1295mm (51 inches)
Machine with Four Trays and Low Stand
Machine with the DADF lowered = 1105mm (43.5 inches)
Machine with the DADF raised = 1315 mm (51.7 inches)
Machine Weight
Basic machine = 45Kg (99lb)
Each additional tray = 11.85Kg (26lb)
Finisher = 10.5Kg (23lb)
September 2006
General Procedures and Information
GP 12, GP 13


Table of Contents