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Installing The Machine; Safety Instructions For Installation; Selecting Fixing Screws - Siemens 1LA8 Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Low-voltage motor simotics tn series n-compact.
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Installing the machine


Safety instructions for installation

Inappropriate fastening material
If screws of an incorrect property class have been selected or if they have been fastened to
an incorrect tightening torque, they may break or become loose. This will cause the machine
to move, which could damage the bearings. The rotor could smash into the machine enclosure
and machine parts could be flung out of place. This can result in death, serious injury or
material damage.
● Comply with the required property classes for screwed connections.
● Tighten the screwed connections to the specified tightening torques.
Incorrect alignment
If the machine has not been properly aligned, this will mean the fastening parts are subjected
to stress/distortion. Screws may become loose or break, the machine will move, machine
parts could be flung out of place. This can result in death, serious injury or material damage.
● Carefully align the machine to the driven machine.
Improper handling
Mounting parts such as temperature sensors or speed sensors are attached to the machine
and could be ripped off or destroyed as a result of improper handling. This could lead to
machine malfunctions, extending even to total loss of the machine.
● Where necessary, use suitable steps when performing installation work on the machine.
● Do not stand on cables or attachments during installation. Do not use attachments as

Selecting fixing screws

● Unless specified otherwise, use mounting bolts with at least strength class 8.8 to ISO 898‑1.
● Take into account the maximum forces occurring in the case of a fault such as short circuit
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 08/2017
In this way you guarantee that the machine is securely mounted and the forces can be
transferred through the torque.
or system transfers in phase opposition.
– When selecting the bolts
– When designing the foundation
5.3 Installing the machine


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