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Siemens 1SE0 Operating And Maintenance Manual

Three-phase induction motor 63-132 frame sizes.
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Operating Instruction and
Maintenance Manual
Three-phase induction motor Type 1SE0/1LA2
63-132 frame sizes
IE Motors
Installation . Operation .
Maintenance Instructions
Supply Voltage is hazardous and can
cause Electric Shock and burns.
Disconnect Power before proceeding with
any work on this equipment.


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   Summary of Contents for Siemens 1SE0

  • Page 1 Installation . Operation . Maintenance Instructions WARNING Supply Voltage is hazardous and can cause Electric Shock and burns. Disconnect Power before proceeding with any work on this equipment. Operating Instruction and Maintenance Manual Three-phase induction motor Type 1SE0/1LA2 63-132 frame sizes...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Content Pg. No. Safety information .................... 3 Definitions, warning information ............... 3 Safety and application information ............5 Description ....................... 5 General ..................... 5 Terminal Box ..................... 5 Operation ....................... 6 Inspection, storage and transport .............. 6 Mounting ....................7 Installation ....................
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    SIEMENS Service Centers. Danger Warning Danger means that death or grievous injury will occur if the appropriate The disposal of waste generated during precautions are not taken.
  • Page 4 SIEMENS. Failing to adhere to these instructions may result in severe injury and/or damage to property. National safety regulations must be...
  • Page 5: Safety And Application Information

    Note Rotating or live and uninsulated parts We recommend engaging the support pose a danger. and services of your local SIEMENS service center for all planning, installation, There is consequently a risk of commissioning and maintenance work. fatal or severe personal injury or...
  • Page 6: Operation

    position on the right or the left-hand side (when viewed from the drive end) can be supplied for frame size 90 and above. Caution In order to provide for different directions The surfaces of the machines can reach for cable entry, the orientation of the high temperatures, which can lead to terminal box can be altered in steps of 90°.
  • Page 7: Mounting

    Siemens office. this alignment. All motors which have a shaft extension pointing upwards (V6 Make sure that the right type of motor as construction) must have a means (provided ordered has arrived.
  • Page 8: Electrical Connection

    For permissible radial loads on shaft extension and recommended pulley sizes The keys are only secured against refer the Siemens catalog or contact our falling-out during transport. If the motor office. has two shaft ends, and a power take-...
  • Page 9: 3.4.1 Earthing

    Clean the area underneath the earthing phase connections in the terminal box. All terminal and smear it with petroleum jelly motors of type 1SE0 / 1LA2 are suitable for before making earthing connections. bi-directional rotation. Before closing the terminal box ensure...
  • Page 10: Bearing And Lubrication

    Balancing, transmission elements A suitable device should always be used Warning for fitting and removing the transmission elements (coupling halves, pulleys, While the measurement is being pinions). taken and immediately afterwards, some of the terminals carry As standard, the rotors are dynamically dangerous voltages and must not be balanced with the half key inserted.
  • Page 11 Only expert persons should be (For details refer catalogue or contact entrusted with work on power nearest Siemens office). installations. All covers which are designed to prevent active or rotating parts from being touched, or which are...
  • Page 12: Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Electromagnetic Electromagnetic interference immunity: Compatibility The requirements of immunity to interference to EN 50082 are in principle, When used for their intended purpose satisfied by the motors. In the case of and operated on electrical supply systems motors with built in detectors (e.g. PTC with features specified (in EN 50160), thermisters), the operator himself must the machines satisfy the requirements...
  • Page 13: General

    General Safety Precautions Periodic overhauling of the motor is recommended to ensure long trouble free Warning service. Before starting the maintenance work, Before starting any work on make sure that the supply is disconnected. the motor or other equipment, These motors are provided closely pitched particularly before opening covers ribs for effective cooling of the motor.
  • Page 14: Removal Of Bearing

    Re-assembly Thermoplastic fans have two openings for the insertion of the puller arms so that The motor must be assembled in a dust the pulling force can directly act on the free, dry and clean location. fan hub. On delivery, a film of plastic may cover these openings and later on they As the motor conforms to the type of should be punched.
  • Page 15: Spare Parts

    Applicable Standards disposed by any other means. The motors comply with the following Replace any other damaged parts. For standards: Spare parts contact the nearest SIEMENS IS: 12615: Specification for three phase sales office. induction motors Joint sealing IS: 900: Code of practice for installation and maintenance of induction motors.
  • Page 16: Motor Troubleshooting Chart

    IS: 7816: Guide for testing insulation IS: 12075: Mechanical vibration of rotating resistance of rotating machines. electrical machines with shaft heights 56mm and higher – Measurement, IS: 9628: Specification for Three phase Evaluation and Limits of Vibration severity. induction motors with type of protection ‘n’.
  • Page 17 Trouble Cause Remedy Motor starts sluggishly, Rating not proper Get correct type of motor. speed falls when load Voltage too low at motor - do - is put on terminals because of line drop Starting load torque too Check load characteristics with motor high speed torque.
  • Page 18 Exploded view for Frame Size upto 132 3.00 Rolling contact bearing assembly 10.00 Stator housing with integral feet and wound core packet (fixed bearing) 10.15 Earthing clamp 4.00 Rolling contact bearing assembly 10.50 Lifting eyebolt (floating bearing) 11.00 External fan 5.00 Endshield drive end 12.01 Fan Cowl 5.10 Flange endshield...
  • Page 19 Fig. 2...
  • Page 20 Fig. 3...
  • Page 21 Fig. 4...
  • Page 22 Toll Free Number: 1800 20 90987 Toll Free From BSNL/MTNL: 1800 22 0987 Phone : 022 2760 0150 : 022 2762 3722 Email : East - +91 - 9830256240 West - +91 - 9820507909 North - +91 - 9810205655...
  • Page 23 Hyderabad Prakash Hegde 9632506222 For Service Support: For Spares contact nearest stockist or send enquiries to: Siemens Customer Care Desk “Pragati” Quotation Center Toll Free From BSNL/MTNL: 1800 22 0987 Email: Phone: 022 2760 0150 Fax: 022 2762 3722...
  • Page 24 PLASTICS: Segregate as per material type for which predominantly consist of recyclable recycling through authorised dealer. materials. Because of the long lifetime of Siemens products For disposal we recommend disassembling and the disposal guidelines may be replaced by other separation into following materials: national regulations when taking the product out of service.

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