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Siemens 1LA8 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Three-phase induction motor
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Operating Instructions -
Three-phase induction motor
Supply Voltage is hazardous and can
cause Electric Shock and burns.
Type 1LA8
Disconnect Power before proceeding
with any work on this equipment.



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens 1LA8 Series

  • Page 1 Operating Instructions - MTR4.2-003 Three-phase induction motor WARNING Supply Voltage is hazardous and can cause Electric Shock and burns. Type 1LA8 Disconnect Power before proceeding with any work on this equipment.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Operation in locations subject to explosion hazards ................2 Electromagnetic compatibility ........................ 2 Description, technical data ........................3 Scope of delivery ........................... 3 Siemens Service Center ......................... 3 Applications ............................3 Design of the motor ..........................3 Main Terminal Boxes ..........................4 Transport, installation and assembly ....................
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Notice means that an undesirable result or state might and serial number, or have maintenance work occur if the relevant instructions are not followed. done by one of Siemens Service Centers. Note Note draws particular attention to an important item...
  • Page 4: Safety And Application Information

    We recommend engaging the support and services of strictly be observed. On motors with integrated your local Siemens service center for all planning, sensors (e.g. PTC thermistors) it is possible that installation, commissioning and maintenance work.
  • Page 5: Description, Technical Data

    – Measurement, Evaluation and Limits of immediately whether the scope of the delivery matches Vibration severity. up with the accompanying documents. Siemens will not accept any warranty claims relating to items missing • IEC: 60034-1: Rotating electrical machines – Part 1: from the delivery that are submitted later.
  • Page 6: Main Terminal Boxes

    The terminal box can be arranged either on the left or right of the machine. It is not possible to subsequently 1LA8 357-2..4 1XB1 631 swap the position to the other side of the machine at a 1LA8 40-4 1XB1 631 later date. Please consult Siemens if you subsequently...
  • Page 7 Main Terminal Box - 1XB7 622...
  • Page 8 Main Terminal Box - 1XB1 631...
  • Page 9: Transport, Installation And Assembly

    Transport, installation and assembly Tightening torques for the shaft bolt of the rotor locking device 3.1 Transport, storage Thread in the Tightening Preload Transport damage shaft end torque The shipping company must be notified immediately 50 Nm 12 kN of any damage detected after delivery of the machine. 100 Nm 20 kN The machine must not be put into operation if any...
  • Page 10: Installation

    For permissible radial loads on shaft Caution extension and recommended pulley sizes refer the Siemens catalog or contact local Siemens office. (Environmental Protection) Disposal of packing material: On unpacking the Caution motors, the packing material shall be disposed as per the Local / Statutory requirements.
  • Page 11: Aligning

    Due attention should be given to the measures If personnel are not familiar with the necessary necessary to prevent accidental touching of measures and working steps, we recommend that the rotating parts (couplings, pulleys, etc.). services of the local SIEMENS service center be used.
  • Page 12: Mounting

    Vertical and horizontal position 3.5 Connecting the ground conductor The following measures are required in order to Connection to the motor compensate any radial offset at the coupling and to horizontally adjust the electric motor with respect to The motor earth conductor cross-section must be the driven load: compliant with the installation and erection regulations, for example in accordance with IS: 3043...
  • Page 13: Connection Of The Motor

    3.6 Connection of the motor Earthing Connect the earthing conductor to the terminal with Overview the earth marking in the Terminal box as well as on the Stator housing. Clean the area underneath the earthing terminal and Danger smear it with petroleum jelly before making earthing connections.
  • Page 14 Direction of rotation conductors should then be immediately greased using neutral Vaseline in order to prevent reoxidation. Connection of the power cables in the phase sequence L1, L2, L3 to U, V, W results in a clockwise rotation. If Notice two of the connections are swapped then the resulting Aluminum flow is likely to occur after the conductors direction of rotation is counter-clockwise (e.g.
  • Page 15: Connection To The Converter

    • All gaskets and seals are undamaged. • Unused openings in the terminal boxes are properly closed off. Then close the terminal box and tighten the terminal box cover screws to 22 Nm. 3.7 Connection to the converter Temperature sensor Whenever motors are labeled for operation with a converter, they are usually equipped with an upgraded set of temperature sensors.
  • Page 16: Commissioning

    Commissioning 4.1 Preparations Limit values The table below shows the measuring voltage and the Safety instruction threshold values for minimum insulation resistance and critical insulation resistance. Warning Insulation resistance Rated voltage Only expert persons should be entrusted with < 2 kV work on power installations.
  • Page 17: Measures To Be Taken Prior To Commissioning

    (For details refer After assembling the motor in line with technical catalogue or contact nearest Siemens office). requirements and before commissioning the system, check that: Caution •...
  • Page 18: Energizing

    • If the mechanical operation improves immediately after switching the motor off, then the cause is magnetic or electrical. If the mechanical operation does not improve immediately after switching the motor off, then the cause is mechanical: e.g. an imbalance in the electrical machines or in the driven machine, inadequate alignment of the machine set, operation of the machine with the system resonating (system = motor, base frame,...
  • Page 19: Operation

    Operation 5.1 Safety information 5.2 Stoppages Energizing the motor with anti-condensation Overview heating (optional) For longer periods where the motor is not being used (> 1 month), either energize the motor regularly, Caution approximately once a month, or at least spin the rotor. Read the instructions given in the “Start-up, Energizing”...
  • Page 20 Electrical faults Fault table, electrical causes Overview - Electrical faults Electrical fault characteristics ↓ Motor will not start up ↓ Motor starts up slowly ↓ Drumming noise during startup ↓ Drumming noise during operation Drumming noise in time with twice the slip frequency ↓...
  • Page 21 Check airways, clean motor in the incorrect direction of rotation Rotor not balanced Decouple rotor and rebalance Rotor out of true, shaft bent Consult Siemens Poor alignment Align motor unit, check coupling Coupled motor not balanced Rebalance motor coupled up...
  • Page 22: Maintenance

    Unirex N3 of Exxon Mobil is the grease used in (Environmental Protection) Siemens motors. This grease has Lithium soap as Waste Copper windings during repair and thickening agent and mineral oil as the basic oil. maintenance - to be collected as segregated waste and sent to registered recyclers approved by the respective State Pollution Control Board.
  • Page 23: Regreasing With Sealing Grease (Option For Increased Degree Of Protection)

    of dirt in the environment and on the ON time of the Caution motor. For this reason, they can only be defined taking into Greases with different thickening agents and account the respective operating conditions. basic oils must not be mixed. The sealing effect during operation is optimum as long Only in special cases should deviations be made as a small amount of relatively clean grease is forced...
  • Page 24: Main Service

    – The permissible bearing temperatures are not Caution exceeded. – The smooth running characteristics and motor (Environmental Protection) noise in operation have not deteriorated. Waste Copper windings during repair and • Check, while the motor is at standstill, that: maintenance - to be collected as segregated waste and sent to registered recyclers approved –...
  • Page 25: Re-Assembly

    Rolling-contact bearing unit A bearing must be replaced if it is damaged. Damage to bearing is often difficult to recognize; in doubtful It is recommended that the components that comprise cases, replace the bearing. Bearings, which have been the active part of the bearing be marked to ensure removed, should be reused only if they show no trace correct assembly.
  • Page 26: Notes On Assembling The Bearing Seal

    Pack two third of the bearing cavities with grease! The Threads, which are secured with liquid plastic, must be outer bearing cover is kept free of grease to prevent treated accordingly when they are tightened, e.g. over greasing. The cavities in the outer bearing cover is using Loctite 243.
  • Page 27: Exploded View - 1La8 Motor

    6.3.9 Exploded View – 1LA8 Motor...
  • Page 28 1PQ8 Page1/2 MTR 4.2-007 Additional Operating Instructions for Motors cooled by separately Driven Fans Note: To be read in conjunction with the 1LA8 Motor manual. Description • Application Electrical machines are fitted with a separate fan unit, when the cooling provided by the fan, mounted on the rotor NDE extension, is insufficient, particularly at lower speeds.
  • Page 30 Siemens Ltd. Automation & Drives - Motors Thane Belapur Road Thane 400601 Fax: +91 22 27600076 E-mail: Order No. 4I-0099-0118134 001 Siemens Ltd. Time Prints Product development is a continuous process. Consequently 030504 the data indicated in this booklet is subject to change without MOT-02-120-041 prior notice.