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Siemens 1LA8 Operating & Installation Instructions Manual Page 41

Low-voltage motor simotics tn series n-compact.
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General instructions for storage
Wherever possible, store the machine in a storage room. The place of storage must satisfy
the following general conditions:
● Select a sufficiently sized dry and horizontal place of storage that is above flood level and
● Protect the machine from shocks and humidity.
● Position machines, devices and crates on pallets, wooden beams or foundations that
● Ensure that the air circulation under the equipment is not impeded.
Storing outdoors
When storing the machines outside, the storage location must comply with the following
● The ground must be sufficiently strong. Prevent the machine from sinking into the ground.
● Covers or tarpaulins used to protect the equipment against the weather must not make
Protection against humidity
If a dry storage space is not available, protect the machine as follows against humidity:
● Wrap the machine in humidity-absorbent material.
● Wrap the machine in plastic film:
● Inspect the machine regularly.
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 08/2017
free of vibration (v
≤ 0.2 mm/s).
– The place of storage must be well ventilated as well as free of dust and frost. Provide
protection against extreme weather conditions. Ensure that the temperature remains
stable in the range from 10 °C to 50 °C – or 50 °F to 120 °F. The room temperature
should be approx. 10 K above the outside temperature. The temperature should not fall
below ‑20° C.
– The relative humidity of the air should be less than 60%.
– The floor of the place of storage must be sufficiently strong. The maximum permissible
floor loading or storage compartment loading may not be exceeded.
– The ambient air must not contain any harmful gases.
protect them against rising damp and water.
– Place wooden spacer blocks between the covers and the machine.
– Covers or tarpaulins must not trail on the floor around the machine.
contact with the surfaces of the equipment. Otherwise air circulation under the stored items
will be prevented.
– Place a humidity meter inside the plastic film.
– Place desiccant within the plastic film.
– Pack the machine air-tight.
Preparations for use
4.15 Transport and storage


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