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Servicing The Roller Bearings; Servicing And Maintaining The Anti-condensation Heating; Regreasing Intervals And Types Of Grease For Operating Roller Bearings - Siemens 1LA8 Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Low-voltage motor simotics tn series n-compact.
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All the potential connections, grounding connections and shield supports are
correctly seated and properly bonded
The winding insulation resistances are sufficiently high
Any bearing insulation is fitted as shown on the plates and labels
The CABLES and insulating parts and components are in good condition
and there is no evidence of discoloring
Condensation can freely flow away.
(*) This check can be made at standstill or when running.
If you detect any deviations during the inspection, you must rectify them immediately. They
may otherwise cause damage to the machine.
See also
Set values for monitoring the winding temperature (Page 91)
Setpoint values for monitoring the bearing temperature (Page 91)

Servicing the roller bearings

When inspecting rolling-contact bearings, it is generally not necessary to dismantle the
machines. The motor only has to be dismantled if the bearings are to be replaced.

Servicing and maintaining the anti-condensation heating

The anti-condensation heating is maintenance-free. If it is defective, contact the
Service Center (Page 149).

Regreasing intervals and types of grease for operating roller bearings

The specified grease data applies to the data specified on the rating plate and for high-quality
grease in accordance with the specifications in these operating instructions. Because these
greases exceed significantly the requirements according to DIN 51825 and ISO 6743‑9, they
permit the specified relubrication intervals.
Initial lubrication
The grease specified on the lubricant plate is selected according to the operating conditions
known at the time of ordering and should be used for initial lubrication.
Grease selection criteria
High quality ISO‑L‑X BDEA3 lubricating grease according to ISO 6743-9 and K3K‑20
lubricating grease according to DIN 51825 with lithium soap as a thickener and an upper
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 08/2017
9.1 Inspection and maintenance
When the
At stand‐
motor is


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