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Figure 6-8 Connection Using Terminal Clamps (schematic Diagram) - Siemens 1LA8 Operating & Installation Instructions Manual

Low-voltage motor simotics tn series n-compact.
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Electrical connection
6.4 Introducing and routing the cables
use wire end ferrules, then before connecting the cable, attach these so as to form a technically
correct, current-carrying crimped joint at the end of the conductor.
Overheating of the conductor ends
If the end of the conductor is not correctly enclosed by the wire end ferrule, but is trapped by
it, this can lead to overheating.
● Insert only one conductor end into each wire end ferrule, and attach the wire end ferrule
● Insert only one conductor end into each terminal.
Ensure that the minimum air clearances of 10 mm and the creepage distance of 20 mm are
maintained for the connection.
1. Open the terminal box and cut the cable to the correct length.
2. Prepare the end of the cable depending on the cable and its use. Make sure that no external
3. Insulate the conductor ends in such a way that the remaining insulation reaches almost up
4. Make sure the terminal clamps
5. If you have loosened the terminal body clamping bolts
forces are acting on the cable connection.
to the cable lug.
Insert the cable into the terminal clamps. Tighten the clamping nuts
of 8 Nm.
of 40 Nm.
For terminal box GT640, the fixing of the terminal element
M12 on the threaded stud of the terminal support with a torque of 20 Nm.
Figure 6-8
Connection using terminal clamps (schematic diagram)
are arranged correctly for the size of the conductor.
to a tightening torque
, then retighten them to a torque
is done using a terminal nut
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 08/2017


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