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General Information for 5.0GB 8 mm Tape Drive
Note: The 5.0GB 8 mm tape drive, if present, is an optional device in the CPU Enclosure
and is located in the bottom media position to the left of the operator panel.
Use only data grade 8 mm tape cartridges. These cartridges are identified by either a
"Data," "D," or "D8" marking on the data cartridge. Use of video-grade cartridges can
damage the 8 mm tape drive and can void the warranty of your 8 mm tape drive.
Remove the tape cartridge from the tape drive when it is not in use, and store the
cartridge in the cartridge case.
Do not open the door on the data tape cartridge. This door covers and protects the
magnetic tape material from dirt, dust, and damage.
Avoid touching the tape since this can cause loss of data.
Back up and then discard any tape cartridge that repeatedly produces error messages.
The error information is in the system error log.
Clean the tape path regularly according to the cleaning procedure of the 8-mm tape drive.
Use only recommended cleaning cartridges; other cleaning cartridges can permanently
damage your 8 mm tape drive.
Attention: Do not use video-grade cartridges in the 8 mm tape drive. Video grade tapes
may be unreliable and may cause permanent damage to the 8-mm tape drive.
Types of 8 mm Tape Cartridges
Refer to Appendix A for tape cartridge part numbers.
Test Tape Cartridge: This is a specially labeled tape cartridge that is in the media kit with
the 8 mm tape drive. Use this cartridge only when checking the operation of the drive or
running diagnostics; do not use it to save programs or data.
Data Tape Cartridge: This is an unlabeled blank tape cartridge that is in the media kit.
Use this cartridge for saving your programs or data. The same data tape cartridge can be
used in a 5.0GB 8 mm tape drive.
Cleaning Tape Cartridge: Use this cartridge for cleaning the 8 mm tape path. For more
information, see "Cleaning the Tape Path on the 5.0GB 8 mm Tape Drive" on page 2-33.
Using the CPU-Media Enclosure


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