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Standalone Mode

Standalone mode provides the most complete checkout of the system resources. This mode
also requires that no other programs be running on the system.
Standalone mode can be loaded in three ways:
From removable media. This method is the only method available for those systems
that do not have the AIX operating system installed.
From a disk within the system unit. This loads the diagnostic programs that are a part
of the AIX operating system. The AIX operating system must be installed and
configured before the diagnostics can run from it.
On some system units, built-in diagnostics can be run from read-only memory (ROM).
These diagnostics are intended to be used when it is not possible to use the AIX
operating system diagnostic programs. The tests provided by the built-in diagnostic
programs are not as complete as the AIX operating system diagnostic programs.
Running the Diagnostics in Standalone Mode
To run diagnostics in standalone mode, take the following steps:
1. Stop all programs including the AIX operating system (get help if needed).
2. Set the power switch on the system unit to Off.
3. Set the key mode switch to the Service position.
Note: When the diagnostic programs are run from a source other than the network or from
the disk the diagnostics do not check the error log entries.
4. If you want to load the standalone diagnostics from a CD-ROM disc, insert the CD-ROM
diagnostic disc into the CD-ROM drive.
5. If you want to load the diagnostics from the disk, leave diskette and CD-ROM drives
6. Set the power switch on the system unit to On.
If c07 is displayed, insert the appropriate diagnostic diskette. If necessary, refer to the
CEREADME file for additional information.
If c31 is displayed, follow the instructions to select a console display.
7. After the diagnostic controller loads, DIAGNOSTIC OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS appear
on the console display.
If the system unit does not have a console display, the diagnostics run automatically and
loop on the diagnostic test until the system unit power switch is set to Off.
When the diagnostics are run from disk, a c99 is displayed when the tests have
When the diagnostics are run from diskette, a c07 is displayed when the tests have
8. If a problem is detected while the diagnostics are loading, a flashing 888 displays in the
operator panel display. Refer to the AIX Version 4 Problem Solving Guide and Reference
manual for further instructions.
9. Follow the displayed instructions to checkout the desired resources.
10.When testing is complete; use the F3 key to return to the DIAGNOSTIC OPERATING
Using the Diagnostics


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