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IBM R30 Operator's Manual: Diagnostic Modes Of Operation; Maintenance Mode

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Diagnostic Modes of Operation

The diagnostics can be run in three modes:
Maintenance Mode allows checking of most system resources
Concurrent Mode allows the normal system functions to continue while selected
resources are being checked.
Standalone Mode allows checking of all the system devices and features

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode runs the diagnostics using the customer's version of the AIX operating
system. This mode requires that all activity on the AIX operating system be stopped so the
diagnostics have most of the resources available to check. All of the system resources
except the SCSI adapters and the disk drive used for paging can be checked.
Error log analysis is done in maintenance mode when you select the Problem
Determination option on the DIAGNOSTIC MODE SELECTION menu.
The shutdown -m command is used to stop all activity on the AIX operating system and put
the AIX operating system into maintenance mode. Then the diag command is used to load
the diagnostic controller so you can run the diagnostic programs from the menus. After the
diagnostic controller is loaded, follow the normal diagnostic instructions.
Running the Diagnostics in Maintenance Mode
To run the diagnostics in maintenance mode you must be logged on to the customer's
version of the AIX operating system as root or superuser and use the shutdown -m
and diag commands. Use the following steps to run the diagnostics in maintenance mode:
1. Stop all programs except the AIX operating system (get help if needed).
2. Log onto the AIX operating system as root or superuser.
3. Enter the shutdown -m command.
4. When a message indicates the system is in maintenance mode, enter the diag
Note: It may be necessary to set TERM type again.
5. When DIAGNOSTIC OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS is displayed, follow the displayed
instructions to checkout the desired resources.
6. When testing is complete; use the F3 key to return to DIAGNOSTIC OPERATING
INSTRUCTIONS. Then press the F3 key again to return to the AIX operating system
7. Press Ctrl-D to log off from root or superuser.
Using the Diagnostics


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