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IBM R30 Operator's Manual: Scsi Tape Utilities Service Aid; Service Aids For Use With Ethernet

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When the SCSI Bus Service Aid is entered a description of the service aid is displayed.
Pressing the Enter key will display the Adapter Selection menu. This menu allows the user
to enter which address to transmit the SCSI Inquiry Command.
When the adapter is selected the SCSI Bus Address Selection menu is displayed. This
menu allows the user to enter which address to transmit the SCSI Inquiry Command.
Once the address is selected the SCSI Bus Test Run menu is displayed. This menus allows
the user to transmit the SCSI Inquiry Command by pressing the Enter key. The Service Aid
will then indicate the status of the transmission. When the transmission is completed, the
results of the transmission will be displayed.
1. A Check Condition can be returned when there is nothing wrong with the bus or
2. AIX will not allow the command to be sent if the device is in use by another

SCSI Tape Utilities Service Aid

This service aid provides a means to obtain the status or maintenance information from a
SCSI tape drive. Only some models of SCSI tape drive are supported.
The service aid provides the following options:
Display time since a tape drive was last cleaned.
The time since the drive was last cleaned is displayed onto the screen. In addition, a
message indicating whether the drive is recommended to be cleaned is also displayed.
Copy a tape drive's trace table.
The trace table of the tape drive is written to diskettes.
The required diskettes must be formatted for DOS. Writing the trace table may require
several diskettes. The actual number of required diskettes is determined by the service
aid based on the size of the trace table. The names of the data files are of the following
'TRACE<X>.DAT' where 'X' is the a sequential diskette number. The complete trace table
will consist of the sequential concatenation of all the diskette data files.
Display or copy a tape drive's log sense information.
The service aid provides options to display the log sense information to screen, to copy it
to a DOS formatted diskette or to copy it to a file. The file name "LOGSENSE.DAT" is
used when the log sense data is written on the diskette. The service aid prompts for a file
name when the log sense data is to be copied to a file.

Service Aids for use with Ethernet

This selection provides a tool for diagnosing Ethernet problems. This service aid is used to
exercise the Ethernet adapter and parts of the Ethernet network. The service aid works by
transmitting a data block to itself. This service aid works with a wrap plug or with any valid
Ethernet network and can be used as a tool to diagnose Ethernet network problems.
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