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Dwell time: G4

Between two NC blocks, you can interrupt the machining for a defined time by inserting a
separate block with G4; e.g. for relief cutting.
The words with F... or S... are only used in this block for the specified time. Any previously
programmed feedrate F or a spindle speed S remain valid.
G4 F...
G4 S...
Programming example
N5 G1 F200 Z-50 S300 M3
N10 G4 F2.5
N20 Z70
N30 G4 S30
N40 X...
G4 S.. is only possible if a controlled spindle is available (if the speed specifications are also
programmed via S...).
Surface grinding
Programming and Operating Manual, 11/2012, 6FC5398-5CP10-3BA0
; Dwell time in seconds
; Dwell time in spindle revolutions
; Feed F; spindle speed S
; Dwell time 2.5 seconds
; Dwelling 30 revolutions of the spindle, corresponds
at S=300 rpm and 100% speed override to: t=0.1 min
; Feed and spindle speed remain effective
10.3 Axis movements


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