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Using an extension cable
Always use an approved extension cable suitable
for the power input of this appliance (see technical
data). The extension cable must be suitable for
outdoor use and marked accordingly. Up to 30 m
of 1.5 mm
HO5VV-F extension cable can be used
without loss of product performance. Before use,
inspect the extension cable for signs of damage,
wear and ageing. Replace the extension cable if
damaged or defective. When using a cable reel,
always unwind the cable completely.
Additional safety instructions for grass
Warning! Cutting elements continue to rotate after
the motor is switched off.
Be familiar with the controls and the proper use
of the appliance.
Before use, check the power supply cord and
extension cord for signs of damage, ageing
and wear. If a cord becomes damaged during
use, disconnect the cord from the mains sup-
ply immediately. DO NOT TOUCH THE CORD
Do not use the appliance if the cords are dam-
aged or worn.
Wear stout shoes or boots to protect your feet.
Wear long trousers to protect your legs.
Before using the appliance, check that your
cutting path is free from sticks, stones, wire and
any other obstacles.
Only use the appliance in the upright position,
with the cutting line near the ground. Never
switch the appliance on in any other position.
Move slowly when using the appliance. Be
aware that freshly cut grass is damp and slip-
Do not work on steep slopes. Work across the
face of slopes, not up and down.
Never cross gravel paths or roads while the
appliance is running.
Never touch the cutting line while the appliance
is running.
Do not put the appliance down until the cutting
line has come to a complete standstill.
Use only the appropriate type of cutting line.
Never use metal cutting line or fi shing line.
Be careful not to touch the line trimming blade.
Take care to keep the mains cable away from
the cutting line. Always be aware of the position
of the cable.
Keep hands and feet away from the cutting line
at all times, especially when switching on the
Before using the appliance and after any impact,
check for signs of wear or damage and repair
as necessary.
Never operate the appliance with damaged
guards or without guards in place.
Take care against injury from any device fi tted for
trimming the fi lament line length. After extending
new cutter line always return the machine to its
normal operating position before switching on.
Always ensure that the ventilation slots are kept
clear of debris.
Do not use the lawn trimmer (edge trimmer), if
the cords are damaged or worn.
Keep extension cords away from cutting ele-
Labels on appliance
The following warning symbols are found on the
Read the manual prior to operation.
Wear safety glasses or goggles when oper-
ating this appliance.
Wear suitable ear protectors when operating
this appliance.
Always remove the plug from the socket
before inspecting a damaged cable. Be
careful not to use your strimmer if the cable
is damaged.
Beware of fl ying objects. Keep bystanders
away from the cutting area.
Do not expose the appliance to rain or high
Directive 2000/14/EC guaranteed sound
Electrical safety
This appliance is double insulated; therefore
no earth wire is required. Always check that
the power supply corresponds to the voltage
on the rating plate.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be re-
placed by the manufacturer or an authorised
Black & Decker Service Centre in order to avoid
a hazard.

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