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Troubleshooting; Maintenance; Protecting The Environment - Black & Decker GL250 Original Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Warning! If the cutting line protrudes beyond the
trimming blade (7), cut it off so that it just reaches
the blade.
Winding a new cutting line onto an empty
spool (fi g. G - I)
You may wind new cutting line onto an empty spool.
Replacement packs of cutting line are available from
your Black & Decker dealer (cat. no. A6170 (25 m),
A6046 (37.5 m) & A6171 (40 m).
Remove the empty spool from the tool as de-
scribed above.
Remove any remaining cutting line from the
Feed 2 cm of cutting line into one of the holes
(17) in the spool as shown.
Wind the cutting line onto the spool in the direc-
tion of the arrow (18). Make sure to wind the line
on neatly and in layers. Do not criss-cross.
Let the line protrude approximately 10 cm from
the spool and hold a fi nger on the line to keep
it in place.
Proceed as described above to fi t the spool on
the tool.
Warning! Only use the appropriate type of
Black & Decker cutting line.
Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland
If a new mains plug needs to be fi tted:
Safely dispose of the old plug.
Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in
the new plug.
Connect the blue lead to the neutral terminal.
Warning! No connection is to be made to the earth
terminal. Follow the fi tting instructions supplied with
good quality plugs. Recommended fuse: 5 A.


If your tool seems not to operate properly, follow
the instructions below. If this does not solve the
problem, please contact your local Black & Decker
repair agent.
Warning! Before proceeding, unplug the tool.
Appliance runs slowly
Check that the spool housing can rotate freely.
Carefully clean it if necessary.
Check that the cutting line does not protrude
more than 11 cm from the spool housing. If it
does, cut it off so that it just reaches the line
trimming blade.
If the bump feed does not work
Keep the tabs depressed and remove the spool
cover from the housing.
Pull the cutting line until it protrudes 11 cm from
the housing. If insuffi cient cutting line is left on
the spool, install a new spool of cutting line as
instructed above.
Align the tabs on the spool cover with the cut
outs in the housing.
Push the cover onto the housing until it snaps
securely into place.
If the cutting line protrudes beyond the trimming
blade, cut it off so that it just reaches the blade.
If the bump feed still does not work or the spool is
jammed, try the following suggestions:
Carefully clean the spool cover and housing.
Remove the spool and check that the spring is
in place.
Remove the spool and unwind the cutting line,
then wind it on neatly again as described above.
Replace the spool as instructed.


Your Black & Decker corded/cordless appliance/tool
has been designed to operate over a long period of
time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous
satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool/
appliance care and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance on
corded/ cordless power tools:
Switch off and unplug the appliance/tool.
Or switch off and remove the battery from the ap-
pliance/ tool if the appliance/tool has a separate
battery pack.
Or run the battery down completely if it is integral
and then switch off.
Unplug the charger before cleaning it. Your
charger does not require any maintenance apart
from regular cleaning.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool/
appliance and charger using a soft brush or dry
Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp
cloth. Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based

Protecting the environment

Separate collection. This product must
not be disposed of with normal household
Should you fi nd one day that your Black & Decker
product needs replacement, or if it is of no further

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Table of Contents

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