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Electric safety can be further improved by us-
ing a high-sensitivity 30 mA Residual Current
Device (RCD).
This appliance includes some or all of the following
1. On/off switch
2. Handle
3. Cable restraint
4. Power inlet
5. Second handle
6. Guard
7. Line trimming blade
8. Cutting line
9. Spool housing
10. Head
Warning! Before assembly, make sure that the tool
is switched off and unplugged.
Attaching the second handle (fi g. A) (GL310
& GL360 only)
Slide the second handle (5) on to the main
handle (2) in an upwards direction.
Secure the second handle in place with the two
screws provided.
Fitting the guard (fi g. B)
Place the guard onto the tool as shown.
Firmly press the guard (6) until it snaps into
Secure the guard with the screw.
Warning! Never use the tool unless the guard is
properly fi tted.
Releasing the cutting line
In transit, the cutting line is taped to the spool
Remove the tape holding the cutting line (8) to
the spool housing (9).
Connecting the tool to the mains (fi g. C)
Connect the female plug of a suitable extension
cable to the power inlet (4).
Loop the cable through the cable restraint (3).
Insert the mains plug into a mains outlet.
For wired in cable units: Make sure the cable is
looped through the cable restraint prior to connect-
ing the plug to the mains outlet.
Warning! The extension cable must be suitable for
outdoor use.
Warning! Let the tool work at its own pace. Do not
Switching on and off
To switch the tool on, squeeze the trigger lever
To switch the tool off, release the trigger lever.
Warning! Never attempt to lock the trigger lever in
the on position.
Hints for optimum use
In order to achieve optimum cutting results, only
cut dry grass.
Hold the tool as shown in fi g. D.
Gently swing the trimmer from side to side.
When cutting long grass, work in stages from
the top. Take small cuts.
Keep the tool away from hard objects and deli-
cate plants.
Cutting line will wear faster and require more
feeding if the cutting is done along pavements
or other abrasive surfaces or heavier weeds are
being cut.
As you use the trimmer, the string will get shorter
due to wear. Gently bump the unit on the ground
whilst running and the line will feed.
If the tool starts running slowly, reduce the load.
Fitting a new spool of cutting line (fi g. E - F)
Replacement spools of cutting line are available
from your Black & Decker dealer (cat. no. A6226).
Keep the tabs (12) depressed and remove the
spool cover (13) from the housing (9).
Remove the empty spool (14) from the spool
Remove any dirt and grass from the spool cover
and housing.
Take the new spool and unwind approximately
10 cm of cutting line.
Feed the cutting line through the eyelet (15).
Push the spool onto the drive shaft (16) and
rotate it slightly until it is seated. Make sure that
the cutting line is not trapped under the spool
and that 10 cm of cutting line protrudes from the
Align the tabs (12) on the spool cover with the
holes in the housing (15).
Push the cover onto the housing until it snaps
securely into place.

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Table of Contents

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