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Upon switching to "ON", check that there is battery voltage for about two seconds between the Red-
Brown cable of the pump connector and earth connection, with pump connector disconnected. Other-
wise, check the continuity of the Red-Brown cable between the pump connector and the injection relay.
Check the efficiency of the earth line of the fuel pump by measuring the continuity between the pump
connector blue cable, system side, and the earth connection.
If, when switching to "ON", the pump continues to turn two seconds after activation, check, with the
control unit disconnected and the injection load remote control disconnected, that the Red-Blue cable
(pin 20 on the interface wiring) is insulated from the earth connection.
Specific tooling
* Digital multimeter
Circuit leak test
Fit the specific tool for fuel pressure control with
the pipe fitted with the pressure gauge on the de-
livery pipe.
Checking under regular functioning by placing the
specific tool between the pump and the injector.
With >12V battery voltage, check that the fuel
pressure is 2.5 BAR and that the input current is
1.4 ÷ 1.8A
With the >12V battery voltage, check the pump
flow rate by disconnecting the pipe fitted with the
pressure gauge of the appropriate tool from the
injector. Place a graded burette with a flow rate of
approximately 1 L. Make the pump turn with the
active diagnosis on the palm top computer. Using
a pair of long flat needle-nose pliers, choke the fuel
hose making the pressure stabilise at approx. 2.5
INJEC - 163


Table of Contents

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