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Cooling system
Reposition the coolant delivery pipe
and tighten with a clamp.
Remove the central inspection cover
Remove the rubber cap «1" of the
bleed screw of thermostat «2" and fit a
hose. The other end of the hose should
be fitted into in a container.
Top-up the expansion tank with cool-
ant until the fluid level reaches the
"MAX" reference mark.
Open the bleed valve so that air is re-
leased and coolant can be topped-up.
Close the valve and continue refilling
up to the "MAX" reference mark.
Run the vehicle until it warms up.
Shut off the engine, bleed again and
Refit the central inspection cover.
Locking torques (N*m)
Fixing the radiator/pump hose clamps
System bleed
- Start the engine until the operating temperature
is reached
- Remove the bleed valve rubber cap
- Use a rubber hose of suitable length to connect
the valve to the expansion tank
- Place one end of the hose on the bleed valve and
the other in the expansion tank
- Loosen the screw by two turns until the commu-
nication hole (photo) with the head can be seen
- Wait until only coolant comes out through the
rubber hose so as to eliminate any air bubbles in-
side the circuit.
3 (2.2 ftlb)
COOL SYS - 223


Table of Contents

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