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Table of Contents
Hand-held computer menu
1. ISO
2. Engine parameter reading
3. Device status (in general, values are ON - OFF)
4. Devices activation
5. Errors display
6. Adjustable parameters/Fixed parameters
Aprilia hardware (XXXXXX000)
Aprilia software
Service number (XX)
Engine (250 cc)
Produced (dd/mm/yy)
Mapping (XXXXXX)
Programming date (dd/mm/yy)
Person in charge of last programming (XXXXX)
Water temperature (°C)
Air temperature (°C)
Engine revs (rpm)
Target idle revs (1600 rpm)
Ignition advance
TPS Trimmer
Idle motor (50 steps)
Battery voltage (V)
Number of engine strokes in which more than a tooth have
been lost since the beginning of the trip (0/1)
Number of engine strokes in which one single tooth has been
lost since the beginning of the trip (0/1)
Difference between actual and target steps (steps)
Lambda sensor correction (1)
Lambda probe (100-900 mV)
Injection time (ms)
Atmospheric pressure (760 mmHg)
Partial load self-adjustment (mg/cc)
Value adaptability at idle (mg/cc)
Gain value adaptability (%)
This is the mapping code with the numbers inverted. If there
are only zeros, this means that the central unit is blank (no
mapping): the suitable mapping should be remotely reloaded
Indicates the code of the configuration present on the control
Identification code of the PC or Axone that has loaded the last
mapping. In this 5.0.2 version, the code displayed is not right:
in order to view it correctly, go to the ISO screen page that is
Temperature measured when entering the engine (sensor in
the throttle body). Caution! the instrument panel temperature
Target revs saved to the electronic control unit memory (they
Idle motor position, example value measured with warm engine
Shows 1 if it detects that more than one tooth is missing in the
Shows 1 if it detects that one tooth is missing in the crown
Difference between target steps and actual steps of the idle
Value that must be close to 1 when the control unit is using the
lambda probe signal to keep the stoichiometric combustion
Lambda probe signal voltage, fixed value if the circuit is inter-
Parameter for lambda probe self-adjustment for partial loads
Parameter for lambda probe self-adjustment at idle speed
Parameter for lambda probe self-adjustment at full load
(see the note related to the mapping parameter)
Not relevant field
Single-cylinder engine, 250 cc
Electronic control unit production date
Date of last mapping downloading: day/month/year
displayed when selecting RESETTING
Detected by the sensor placed on the engine
is read by a different sensor
Measured by the crankshaft rpm detection sensor
vary according to engine temperature)
Ignition advance in relation to TDC
Voltage measured at battery leads
Injector activation time
Air atmospheric pressure (for mapping adjustment)
INJEC - 151


Table of Contents

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