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Inspecting the cam shaft
- Check the camshaft bearings for signs of abnor-
mal wear.
- Check the cam height.
- Check there is no wear on the camshaft groove
and related retention plate.
- If values measured are not within the specified
limits or there are signs of excessive wear, replace
the defective components with new ones.
- Check there are no signs of wear on the auto-
matic valve-lifter cam, or the end-of-stroke roller,
or the rubber buffer on the automatic valve lifter
retaining cover.
- Check the automatic valve-lifter return spring is
not deformed by over-stretching.
- Replace any defective or worn component.
- Check there are no signs of wear or scoring on
the rocker pins.
- Check the internal diameter of each rocker arm.
- Check there are no signs of wear on the contact
pads with the cam and on the jointed adjustment
Rocking levers inside diameter: Standard di-
Ø 12.000 ÷ 12.011 mm
Rocking lever pins diameter: Standard diame-
Ø 11.977 ÷ 11.985 mm
Camshaft check: Maximum axial clearance ad-
0.42 mm
Camshaft check: Standard axial clearance:
0.11 ÷ 0.41 mm
Camshaft check: Standard height
Outlet: 29.209 mm
Camshaft check: Standard height
Inlet: 30.285 mm
ENG - 121


Table of Contents

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