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Electrical system
Ar: Orange Az: Sky blue Bi: White Bl: Blue Gi: Yellow Gr: Grey Ma: Brown Ne: Black Ro: Pink Rs:
Red Ve: Green Vi: Purple
Checks and inspections
Battery recharge circuit
Remove the battery from the vehicle.
Charge the battery with a slow charge (current rating equal to 1/10 of the battery capacity)
for at least 10 hours: Refit battery to the motorcycle upon delivery to customer, that is to say,
when a mileage is set.
Install the battery on the motorcycle, connect the leads and the breather pipe.
If the motorcycle is not used for a long period, it is necessary to recharge it periodically (at
least once a month) for at least 10 hours (for instance, during the long winter break).
Electric characteristic
12V - 12 Ah
In case of malfunction, first check that the recharge system works properly,
To check the battery,
remove the battery from the vehicle as follows:
Visually check that :
- the container (outer casing) does not leak.
Charge the battery slowly for at least 10 hours.
If the off-load voltage is lower than 12V, the battery should be certainly replaced.
These batteries are not recognised by the warranty if they show:
- mechanical cracks (for example, container is damaged, poles bent, etc.);
- general sulphation (attributable to a wrong activation or use of the battery);
- low electrolyte level (to solve the shipping problem, just close the breather tube with the specific rubber
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Table of Contents

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