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Injection load remote control
1 A failure of the MIU system is more likely to be due to the connections rather than the components.
Before searching the MIU system for failures, check:
A: Power supply
a. Battery voltage
b. If a fuse is blown
c. Remote controls
d. Connectors
B: Chassis earth connection
C: Fuel supply
a. If the fuel pump is broken
b. If the fuel filter is dirty
D: Ignition system
a. If the spark plug is faulty
b. If the coil is broken
c. If the shielded cap is broken
E: Intake circuit
a. If the air filter is dirty
b. If the by-pass circuit is clogged
c. If the Stepper motor is failing
F: Others
a. If the timing system is not correctly adjusted
b. If the idle carburetion is not correct
c. If the throttle valve position sensor is not correctly reset
2 MIU system failure may be caused by loose connectors. Make sure that all connections are properly
Check the connectors as follows:
A check that the terminals are not bent.
B check that the connectors have been properly connected.
C see whether the malfunction can be fixed by slightly shaking the connector.
3 Check the entire system carefully before replacing the MIU control unit. If the fault is still present after
the MIU control unit is replaced, install the original control unit again and check whether the fault occurs
Electric fan remote control
fall sensor
Troubleshooting tips
12V - 12 Ah
INJEC - 147


Table of Contents

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