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4 Use a multimeter with an internal resistance over 10K Ohm /V when troubleshooting. Do not use
unsuitable instruments as they may damage the MIU control unit. Instruments with definitions over 0.1V
and 0.5 W must be used. Precision must be greater than 2%.
1. Before fixing any part of the injection system, check to see whether there are any faults. Check for
faults before disconnecting the battery.
2. The fuel supply system is pressurised at 250 kPa (2.5 BAR). Before disconnecting the fast-release
fitting of a fuel supply pipe, check that there are no naked flames. Do not smoke. Act with caution to
prevent spraying fuel in your eyes.
3. When fixing electric components, operate with battery connected only when strictly required.
4. When checking functions, make sure that the battery voltage is over 12V.
5. Before attempting to start-up, check to make sure there is at least 2 litres of fuel in the tank. Failure
to observe this procedure can damage the fuel pump.
6. If the vehicle is not going to be used for a long time, refill the tank up to a little over half its capacity.
This ensures that the pump will be covered by fuel.
7. When washing the vehicle, do not press the electric components and wirings.
8. When an ignition fault is detected, proceed to check the battery and the injection system connections
9. Before disconnecting the MIU control unit connector, follow these steps respecting the order shown:
- Set the switch to «OFF"
- Disconnect the battery
Failure to observe this rule can damage the electronic control unit.
10. Do not invert the poles when fitting the battery.
11. In order to prevent damages, disconnect and reconnect the MIU system connectors only if actually
required. Before restoring the connections, check that they are perfectly dry.
12. When carrying out electric inspections, do not force the tester probes into the connectors. Do not
take measurements not specifically required by the manual.
13. At the end of every check carried out with the diagnostic tester, protect the system connector with
the specific cap. Failure to observe this rule can damage the MIU electronic control unit.
14. Before reconnecting the fast-release fittings of the power supply system, check that the terminals
are perfectly clean.
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Table of Contents

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