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Inspecting the flywheel components
- Check that the internal plastic parts of the flywheel and the Pick-Up control plate are in good conditions.
Refitting the free wheel
- Make sure the freewheel faying surfaces are in good condition.
- Thoroughly clean the freewheel to remove any LOCTITE left.
- Degrease the threading of the freewheel holes and the fixing screws.
- Apply the recommended product to the end of the screws.
Recommended products
Loctite 243 Medium strength threadlock
- Fit the freewheel on the magneto flywheel, mak-
ing sure that the ground side is in contact with the
flywheel, that is the wheel seeger ring should be
- Tighten the 6 fixing screws in a criss-cross se-
quence to the prescribed torque.
Locking torques (N*m)
Screws fixing freewheel to flywheel 13÷15 (9.6÷11.1 ftlb)
- Lubricate the freewheel «rollers".
ENG - 104


Table of Contents

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