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Hpq Flash; Failsafe Boot Block Rom; Replicating Your Setup - HP Dx5150 - Compaq Business Desktop Reference Manual

Hp business desktop dx5150 series service reference guide, 1st edition.
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3.4.2 HPQ Flash

Use the HPQFlash utility to locally update or restore the system ROM in individual PCs through
a Windows environment. For more information on HPQFlash, refer to the HP Client Manager
Software or System Software Manager at

3.4.3 FailSafe Boot Block ROM

The FailSafe Boot Block ROM allows for system recovery in the unlikely event of a ROM flash
failure, for example, if a power failure occurs during a ROM upgrade. The Boot Block is a
flash-protected section of the ROM that checks for a valid system ROM flash when power to the
system is turned on.
If the system ROM is valid, the system starts normally.
If the system ROM fails the validation check, the FailSafe Boot Block ROM provides
enough support to start the system from a ROMPaq diskette, which programs the system
ROM with a valid image.
Some models also support recovery from a ROMPaq CD.
When the bootblock detects an invalid system ROM, the System Power LED blinks RED eight
times, one every second, followed by a two-second pause. You will also hear eight simultaneous
beeps. A Boot Block recovery mode message is displayed on the screen (some models).
The beeps continue through five cycles of eight simultaneous beeps and stop; however, the LED
continues blinking until the issue is resolved.
To recover the system after it enters Boot Block recovery mode, complete the following steps:
1. If there is a diskette or a CD in the computer, remove the media and turn off the power.
2. Insert a ROMPaq diskette, bootable drive key, or CD.
3. Turn on power to the system.
4. If no ROMPaq diskette is found, you must insert one and restart the computer.

3.4.4 Replicating Your Setup

To replicate or copy one setup configuration to other computers of the same model, HP has
provided a Windows-based software utility, System Software Manager, that you can download
can be downloaded from
Web site, enter the name of your computer when prompted.
Creating a Bootable Device
Supported USB Flash Media Device
Supported devices, such as an HP Drive Key, have a pre-installed image to simplify the process
of making them bootable. If the USB flash media device being used does not have this image, use
the procedure later in this section (see
Service Reference Guide, dx5150
, plus a DOS-based software, CMOS Save/Load utility, that
"Unsupported USB Flash Media Device" on page
Desktop Management
. After logging on to the HP Support


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