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Junk Fax Setup
Secure Receive
Prefix Dial
Stamp Received
ECM Mode
Modem Speed
Ring to Answer
Receive Mode
Redial Delay
Redial Attempt
MSG Confirm
Using the Junk Fax Setup feature, the system will not accept faxes
sent from remote stations. Their numbers are stored in the
memory as junk fax numbers. This feature is useful for blocking
any unwanted faxes.
Select Off to turn the feature off. Anybody can send you a fax.
Select On to turn the feature on. You can set up to 10 fax numbers
as junk fax numbers. After storing the numbers, you do not receive
any faxes from the registered stations.
You can keep your received faxes from being accessed by
unauthorized people.
For further details about setting this mode, see "Using the Secure
Receiving Mode (Administrator only)".
You can set a prefix dial number of up to five digits. This number
dials before any auto dial number is started. It is useful for
accessing the PABX exchange.
This option allows the printer to automatically print the page
number, and the date and time of the reception at the bottom of
each page of a received document.
Select Off to turn this feature off.
Select On to turn this feature on.
The Error Correction Mode helps with poor line quality and
ensures that faxes are sent smoothly to any other ECM-equipped
fax machine. If the line quality is poor, it takes more time to send a
fax when you are using the ECM mode.
Select Off to turn this feature off.
Select On to turn this feature on.
Select the maximum modem speed you want if the phone line fails
to sustain a higher modem speed. You can select 33.6, 28.8, 14.4,
12.0, 9.6, or 4.8 kbps.
Specifies the number of times the machine rings before answering
an incoming call.
Selects the default fax receiving mode.
Sets the time interval before automatic redialling.
Sets the number of redial attempts. If you enter 0, the machine will
not redial.
Sets the machine to print a report whether a fax transmission was
successfully completed or not.
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