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Fax Problems

Receiving fax calls are
not being answered by
the printer
The printer cannot
receive faxes from an
extension telephone.
Faxes are not received
The Receiving fax has
blank spaces or is
received in
Suggested solutions
• Receive Mode set to Tel mode. (manual receive mode)
• The rings-to-answer setting might not be set correctly. (Under
Ans/Fax mode, set the Ring to Answer to a digit greater than
the Ring to Answer setting for the TAD.)
• The DPRD feature might be turned on, but you do not have the
service, or you do have the service and the feature is not set
• The fax line cord might not be correctly connected, or the fax
line cord is faulty.
• The printer might not be able to detect Receiving fax tones
because the answering machine is playing a voice message.
• A voice-messaging service might be interfering with the printer
as it attempts to answer calls.
• Fax Line might have signal integration issues. Please carry out
Fax Line Test
from Op-panel to confirm line status. See
"Testing Fax line connection".
• The printer is monitoring line condition while it is receiving or
sending a fax job. If an error occurs during the transmission
and the ECM Mode setting is On, the printer may request that
the portion of the fax job to be resent. You should turn off ECM
Mode only if you are having trouble sending or receiving a fax
job, and you are willing to accept the errors in the transmission
job. Turning off the setting might be useful when you are trying
to send a fax long distant or receive from long distant
(example: other countries etc.)
• The printer might be out of paper and the memory is full.
• The fax cable might not be securely connected.
• The printer dialing mode might be incorrectly set, or the
extension phone might be incorrectly set.
• The Fax mode should be selected.
• Make sure that there is paper in the paper tray.
• Check to see if the display shows Memory Full.
• A noisy phone line can cause line errors.
• Check your printer by making a copy.
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