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Nav-u series personal navigation system
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As GPS information is obtained using signal from
satellites, it may be impossible or difficult to obtain
the information in the following locations:
• Tunnel or underground
• Under a highway
• Between high buildings
• Between tall trees with dense foliage
After the initial installation, park your car in a safe,
open place (no high buildings, etc.) for up to 20
minutes to allow for GPS signals to be received
before using the navigation system.
It takes time to receive a GPS signal when switching
the unit ON after switching OFF the main power, after
the built-in battery is fully discharged, or after resetting
the unit.
On the software
carefully before use.

Location of controls

Refer to the pages listed for details.
a VOICE/POSITION button 7, 9
During route guidance:
To hear the next voice guidance.
In the menu display:
To show the map.
In the map display:
To show your current car position.
b Display window/touch screen
c Built-in GPS aerial
d ?/1 (on/standby) button 6
To turn the unit on/off.
e CHG (battery charge) indicator
Lights up in red while charging.
f USB jack 13
To connect to a computer with the USB
g Auto dimmer sensor
Detects ambient light and automatically
adjusts the display brightness.
h DC IN 5V jack
To connect to the AC power adapter.
i Jack cover
If you pull off the jack cover by accident, use a
pointed object to push it back in.
j POWER switch 6, 17
To turn the main power on/off; reset the unit.
k Speaker
Outputs guidance and warnings.
l External GPS antenna (aerial)* jack
To connect the external GPS aerial to the
m Cradle connector
* Optional accessory


Table of Contents

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