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Using The Supplied Software; Contents; Connecting To Your Computer - Sony NV-U51 Quick Start Manual

Nav-u series personal navigation system
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Table of Contents

Using the Supplied Software

The major functions of the software on the
supplied CD-ROM are introduced below.
If you insert the CD-ROM into your computer,
the screen appears automatically. Follow the on-
screen instructions.
System requirements
• OS: Windows 2000/XP
• CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
• USB port
• 150 MHz CPU speed minimum


Install PC Connection Software
PC connection software (ActiveSync) can be
Language Manager
Language data for on-screen display and voice
guidance can be added to the unit, and
unnecessary language data can be deleted from
the unit.
Read the Manual
You can read the PDF manual which contains
further information on operations available.
Support Link
Easy access to the Sony navigation support site is
Visit this site for technical support, such as
software updates, FAQs, etc.

Connecting to your computer

Before connecting to your computer, install the
PC connection software (ActiveSync) to your
Connect the unit to an outlet using the
AC power adapter and the AC power
Connect the unit to your computer
with the USB cable.
Connect the small connector of the USB
cable to the USB jack on the unit, then the
large connector to a USB port on your
Notes when transferring data
During transfer, do not
– disconnect the USB cable or the AC power adapter.
– turn off the main power of the unit, enter unit standby
mode, or reset the unit.
– shut down the computer, enter computer standby
mode, or restart the computer.
If you want to cancel transferring mid-way, click the
cancel button on the computer screen.


Table of Contents

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