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Route Searching; Setting The Destination And Starting Guidance - Sony NV-U51 Quick Start Manual

Nav-u series personal navigation system
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Route Searching

The system searches for routes automatically
after setting the destination.
Before starting, check that GPS signals are
sufficient for navigation (page 6).
Setting the destination and
starting guidance
The procedure for searching for the route and
starting route guidance is explained.
As an example, setting the destination by the
address is introduced here.
For details on setting the destination in other
ways, see "Setting the destination in other ways"
on page 10.
For your safety, park your car in a safe place,
then enter the destination information before
starting a journey.
Show the top menu.
In the map display, touch the map.
In the menu display, press VOICE/
POSITION, then touch the map.
Select "Navigate."
Select "Address Input," then input the
address details.
Input the items in the order below, and touch
or the candidate in the list to proceed.
For details on how to input characters, see
"Keyboard operation" on page 8.
1 "Country"
2 "Town / Postal Code"
If it is possible to pinpoint the destination
by the selected postal code*
confirmation display appears. Select
"Calculate Route."
3 "Street / Destination"
4 "No." or "Intersection"*
The address confirmation display appears.
*1 Available only in the UK and Netherlands.
*2 Selectable only if existent in the selected
Select "Calculate Route."
The route is calculated, and route guidance
To fine adjust the destination point
You can jump from the address confirmation
display to the map scrolling mode, and fine
adjust the destination point.
1 Touch
to switch to the map scrolling mode.
2 Drag the screen to adjust the destination point.
3 Touch
to show the map scrolling mode
menu, then select "Navigate to Here."
For details on operations in the map scrolling
mode, see "Map scrolling mode" on page 12.
, the address


Table of Contents

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