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System Settings - Sony NV-U51 Quick Start Manual

Nav-u series personal navigation system
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Map scrolling mode
You can switch to map scrolling mode from map
display by touching
guidance or not.
In map scrolling mode, the crosshair is displayed
on the map, and you can drag the screen to scroll
the map.
to adjust map scale.
Place the intersection of the crosshair on a
desired point, then touch
scrolling mode menu, where you can set the
point as a destination, etc.
to return to the current car position
, whether during route
to show the map

System Settings

Various settings related to the system and
memory are configurable.
From the top menu, select "More..." c "Settings"
c the desired category c the desired item below
to make each setting.
Several representative setting items in each
category are introduced here as examples.
For details, see the supplied PDF manual.
General Settings
Navigation View (to select the default map
view (2D or 3D)), Show Distance/ETA to
Destination (to show/hide distance to
destination and ETA (Estimated Time of
Arrival)), etc.
Map Settings
Current Map (to select a map stored in the
POI Settings
Show POIs (to show/hide each POI), Quick
Link 1-3 (to store 3 frequently-used POI
categories, any of which can be used as a
shortcut when setting the destination).
Route Profile
Type of Route (to select the route search
preference), Motorways (to allow/avoid/forbid
motorways/highways), etc.
Warnings given according to map information may not
always be correct due to road works, etc. Traffic
situations and road regulations take absolute
precedence over information given by the navigation


Table of Contents

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