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Sony NV-U51 Quick Start Manual

Sony NV-U51 Quick Start Manual

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Navigation Homepage
If you have any questions or for the latest support
information on navigation, visit the website below:
Sony Corporation
Printed in Thailand
Personal Navigation System

Quick Start Guide

© 2007 Sony Corporation
2-886-305-31 (1)
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When reading this manual, keep the control layout illustration (on the rear of this
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sony NV-U51

  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    If you have any questions or for the latest support page) open for quick reference from any page. information on navigation, visit the website below: Personal Navigation System Quick Start Guide NV-U51 © 2007 Sony Corporation Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand...
  • Page 2 No guarantee for lost data or damaged data Sony does not provide any guarantee for lost or damaged data. Caution IN NO EVENT SHALL SONY BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Warning ....... 4 System Settings Location of controls..... . 5 Turning the unit on .
  • Page 4: Warning

    • Be sure that nothing metallic comes into contact Warning with the metal parts of the product or connecting cable. If it does, a short may occur and the product PLEASE READ THIS MANUAL AND THE may be damaged. • Always keep the metal contacts clean. SUPPLIED READ THIS FIRST (INSTALLATION MANUAL) COMPLETELY BEFORE INSTALLING OR OPERATING YOUR...
  • Page 5: Location Of Controls

    As GPS information is obtained using signal from Location of controls satellites, it may be impossible or difficult to obtain the information in the following locations: • Tunnel or underground Refer to the pages listed for details. a VOICE/POSITION button 7, 9 During route guidance: To hear the next voice guidance.
  • Page 6: Turning The Unit On

    Turning the unit on Performing initial setup When using for the first time, switch on the main The following can be configured at Startup power by sliding the POWER switch to the ON Configuration Wizard. position. – Language for on-screen display and voice guidance –...
  • Page 7: Basic Operations

    You can set items in the menu by the following Basic Operations procedures. Common procedures to operate the system are Show the top menu. explained. Touch “More...” General operations can be performed on the Touch “Settings.” touch screen. Touch the displayed icons with The list of setting categories appears.
  • Page 8: Gesture Command Operation

    Gesture Command operation Keyboard operation In map displays (except in map scrolling mode), The keyboard display appears when you need to by assigning a screen finger stroke such as line, enter text. etc., frequently-used operations can be You need only enter characters in upper case, as performed easily.
  • Page 9: Route Searching

    Select “Address Input,” then input the Route Searching address details. Input the items in the order below, and touch The system searches for routes automatically or the candidate in the list to proceed. after setting the destination. For details on how to input characters, see “Keyboard operation”...
  • Page 10: Setting The Destination In Other Ways

    Guidance displays Setting the destination in other ways Once a route has been calculated, visual guidance navigates you to the destination along You can also set the destination and search for with audio guidance. routes by the following methods. From the top menu, select the items in the Information on map tool menu following order, then “Calculate Route”...
  • Page 11 Straight-ahead driving (in other cases) A Current time/GPS status/Battery condition For details, see the supplied PDF manual. B Distance/ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to destination C Current position D Distance to next turn E Current street name F Next street name G North indicator H Current direction/Current speed I Next turn instruction...
  • Page 12: System Settings

    Map scrolling mode System Settings You can switch to map scrolling mode from map display by touching , whether during route Various settings related to the system and guidance or not. memory are configurable. In map scrolling mode, the crosshair is displayed on the map, and you can drag the screen to scroll From the top menu, select “More...”...
  • Page 13: Using The Supplied Software

    During transfer, do not Support Link – disconnect the USB cable or the AC power adapter. Easy access to the Sony navigation support site is – turn off the main power of the unit, enter unit standby available. mode, or reset the unit.
  • Page 14: Additional Information

    Holding the left knob, loosen the right Additional Information knob, then remove both knobs. Precautions If your car has been parked in direct sunlight, allow the unit to cool off before operating it. Moisture condensation On a rainy day or in a very damp area, moisture condensation may occur inside the display of the unit.
  • Page 15: Fuse Replacement

    If the fuse blows again after Slide the rear cover, then lift to open. replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. In such a case, consult your nearest Sony dealer. To tighten Fuse (2.5 A) To remove Remove the battery.
  • Page 16: Specifications

    Notes on the lithium-ion battery Built-in battery charging time/usage • Keep the battery out of the reach of children. time • Do not hold the battery with metallic tweezers, otherwise a short-circuit may occur. Charging time With the supplied car battery adapter/AC power WARNING adapter: Approx.
  • Page 17: Resetting The Unit

    GPS signal cannot be received. Resetting the unit Firstly, read the GPS overview (page 4), then check the If the navigation software freezes, try resetting GPS status by selecting “More…” in the top menu c the unit. “GPS Status.” Switch off the main power by sliding the •...

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