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Location Of Controls; Turning The Unit On/Off; Performing Initial Setup; Receiving Gps Signals - Sony NAV-U NV-U52 Quick Start Manual

Personal navigation system


Table of Contents

Location of controls

Refer to the pages listed for details.
a VOICE/POS. button 6, 7
During route guidance:
To hear the next voice guidance.
In the menu display:
To show the map.
In the map display:
To show your current car position.
b Display window/touch screen
c Built-in GPS aerial
d ?/1 (on/standby) button 5
To turn the unit on/off.
e CHG (battery charge) indicator
Lights up in red while charging, and changes
to green when fully charged.
When the adapter is disconnected, the
indicator goes off.
f Nameplate
g TMC antenna (aerial) jack*
h DC IN 5-5.2V jack
To connect to the car battery adapter or AC
i RESET button 14
j Memory Stick access indicator
k Suction cup
l Speaker
Outputs guidance and warnings.
m USB jack 10
To connect to a computer with the USB
n Memory Stick Duo slot
For "Memory Stick Duo" insertion for
functional expansion.
*1 TMC models only
*2 Optional accessory

Turning the unit on/off

To turn the unit on/off
Press ?/1 (4).
If you do not use the unit for a long term, the built-in
battery may be depleted, and the unit will not turn on.
In such a case, connect the car battery adapter and
charge the unit.
After you charge the unit, it may take time to receive
GPS signals when turning on the unit.

Performing initial setup

Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the
The setting can then be further configured in the
setting menu at any time (page 10).

Receiving GPS signals

After the initial installation, park your car in a
safe, open place (no high buildings, etc.) for up
to 20 minutes to allow for GPS signals to
calculate the current car position properly before
using the navigation system.
The GPS signal reception condition icon is
displayed on the screen. The
up in red when the signal cannot be received.
indicator lights


Table of Contents

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