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Electrical Connection; Putting Into Operation; Operating Panel - AEG EWH Basis Series Operating And Installation Instructions

Closed wallmounted storage heaters
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Electrical connection 2

1 Terminal for ON indicator
2 Terminal for ON indicator
3 Controller - input side
4 Earth conductor (connect directly to the spot-welded M6 screw on the cylinder)
5 High limit safety cut-out
6 Thermostat
7 Glow lamp
8 Heater element
A(L) Controller L terminal
B(N) Controller N terminal
C Casing lower cover
D Casing outer jacket
E Anode
F Reservoir
R Resistor (560 Ohm)
The appliance must be connected to the power supply taking the applicable installation instructions
and the relevant standards and regulations into consideration. It is particularly important to
observe the "Regulations for installing high-voltage systems with rated voltages up to 1000 V" and
regulations from the local power supply company. The appliances are only designed for permanent
connection to a 230 V ~ AC network. For this, install an isolator that disconnects all poles of the
power cable with at least 3 mm contact separation (e.g. fuse).
Electrical connection should be carried out by an authorised fitter only.
When delivered, the EWH 30 ... 200 Basis wall-mounted storage heaters are wired in the way shown
in circuit diagram 2.

Putting into operation

The specialist technician must monitor the appliance when it is put into operation and heats water
for the first time.
The water temperature can be adjusted as required using the temperature selection knob. The tem-
perature selection knob is located on the lower cover (see Figure 1).
With low hot-water consumption or with very hard water, it is recommended to select the
energy-saving setting "E" (approx. 55 to 60 °C). The appliance reheats automatically at certain
intervals or when hot water is drawn.
It is only advisable to disconnect the storage heater from the power supply if it is to remain unused
for a relatively long period of time. Heat loss is minimised by the high-quality heat-insulation
material made of CFC-free polyurethane foam.
Risk of frost: The appliance is only protected from frost when it has a power supply. If the
appliance is disconnected from the power supply, the cylinder should be drained where there
is a risk of frost. The safety assembly and water pipe are not protected.
Operating panel 
Frost-protection setting
Energy-saving setting (approx. 60 °C)
Temperature range (approx. 70 °C)
For the fitter



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