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Electrical Connection; Putting Into Operation; Maintenance - AEG EWH 10 mini Operating And Installation Instructions

Unvented small storage water heaters 10 litres to 15 litres
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Never connect the storage water heater to the electrical power supply without first checking
whether the storage water heater is actually filled with water.

Electrical connection 2

1 Connection panel
2 Temperature limiter
3 Thermostat
4 Signal lamp
5 Heater element
6 Reservoir
R Resistor (560 Ohm)
A Anode
The appliance must be connected to the power supply taking the applicable installation instructions
and the relevant standards and regulations into consideration. It is particularly important to observe the
"Regulations for installing high-voltage systems with rated voltages up to 1000 V" and regulations from
the local power supply company.
The appliance must be connected to a socket outlet with earthing contact – this socket outlet must
be freely accessible after installation of the appliance. If the appliance is to be connected to the AC
network (appliance outlet socket), an air gap of at least 3 mm must be provided to allow the appliance
to be disconnected from the power supply.
Installation using a permanently installed connecting cable is not permitted.

Putting into operation

The specialist technician must monitor the appliance when it is put into operation and heats water for
the first time.
The water temperature can be adjusted between approx. 7 °C (minimum) and 80 °C (maximum)
(see Figure 1). With low hot-water consumption or with very hard water, it is recommended to select the
energy-saving setting "E" (approx. 55 to 60 °C). The appliance reheats automatically at certain intervals
or when hot water is drawn.
It is only advisable to disconnect the storage water heater from the power supply if it is to remain
unused for a relatively long period of time. Heat loss is minimised by the high-quality heat-insulation
material. The storage water heater must be drained if there is a risk of exposure to subzero temperatures.


The outside of the storage water heater does not require any special maintenance. To clean, wipe using a
soft cloth or damp sponge only. Do not use any abrasive agents or aggressive detergents.
Caution! Always fully disconnect the appliance from the power supply before carrying out any
maintenance work.
To ensure a long service life, it is recommended to have a specialist technician inspect the anti-corrosion
anode (magnesium anode) in the appliance once per year. This check may need to be carried out more
frequently in areas with particularly aggressive water – ask the fitter or your local water supply company
for information.
The appliance is protected against overheating by a safety temperature limiter which interrupts all
phases. If the safety temperature limiter has been triggered, an authorised specialist technician is
required to carry out the repair work. After triggering, the safety temperature limiter can be pressed to
reset it.
Open the casing:
Draw-off the temperature-knob, loose the screw, pull the lower casing part to the front and demount.
EWH mini / mini N
EWH mini U / mini U N
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