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Special Wash Cycles And Options - Whirlpool ADG 271 Operating Manual

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Special wash cycles
and Options
Optimum performance levels when using the "Rapid" cycle
can be achieved by respecting the specified number of place
To reduce consumption even further, only run the dishwasher
when it is full.
Note for Test Laboratories: for information on comparative EN
testing conditions, please send an email to the following address:
Wash options
If an option is not compatible with the selected wash cycle
(see table of wash cycles), the corresponding LED flashes
rapidly 3 times and beeps will sound.
Start Delay option
The start of the wash cycle may be delayed for a
period of time between 1 and 12 hours.
1. Press the START DELAY button: the corresponding symbol
appears on the display; each time you press the button, the
time (1h, 2h, etc. up to max. 12h) from the start of the selected
wash cycle will be increased.
2. Select the cycle and close the door: the timer will begin
counting down;
3. Once this time has elapsed, the indicator light switches off
and the wash cycle begins.
To adjust the delay time and select a smaller period of time,
press the START DELAY button. To cancel it, press the
button repeatedly until the selected delayed start indicator
light switches off. The wash cycle will start automatically as
soon as the door is shut.
The Start Delay function cannot be set once a wash
cycle has started.
Tablet option (Tab)
This option optimises washing and drying results.
When using multi-functional tablets, press the
TABLET button; the corresponding symbol will light up. If
the button is pressed again, the option will be deselected.
The "Tablet" option results in a longer wash cycle.
Half Load option
If there are not many dishes to be washed, a half
load cycle may be used in order to save water,
electricity and detergent. Select the wash cycle and press the
HALF LOAD button: the indicator light will illuminate.
Press the HALF LOAD button to deselect this option.
Remember to halve the amount of detergent.

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