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Installation - Whirlpool ADG 271 Operating Manual

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If the appliance must be moved at any time, keep it in an
upright position; if absolutely necessary, it may be tilted onto
its back.
Connecting the water supply
Adaptation of the water supply for installation should only
be performed by a qualified technician.
The water inlet and outlet hoses may be positioned towards
the right or the left in order to achieve the best possible
Make sure the dishwasher does not bend or squash the hoses.
Connecting the water inlet hose
• To a 3/4" gas cold or hot water connection point (max.
• Run the water until it is perfectly clear.
• Screw the inlet hose tightly into position and turn off the
If the inlet hose is not long enough, contact a specialist
store or an authorised technician
The water pressure must be within the values indicated
in the Technical Data table - otherwise the dishwasher may
be function properly.
Make sure the hose is not bent or compressed.
Connecting the water outlet hose
Connect the outlet hose to a drain duct with a minimum
diameter of 2 cm. (A)
The outlet hose connection must be at a height ranging from
40 to 80 cm from the floor or surface where the dishwasher
Before connecting the water outlet hose to the sink drain,
remove the plastic plug (B).
Anti-flooding protection
To ensure floods do not occur, the dishwasher:
- is provided with a special system which blocks the water
supply in the event of anomalies or leaks from inside the
(see Assistance)
MAX 80 cm
MIN 40 cm
Under no circumstances should the water inlet hose be cut
as it contains live electrical parts.
Electrical connection
Before inserting the plug into the electrical socket, make
sure that:
• The socket is earthed
• the socket can withstand the maximum load of the
appliance as shown on the data plate located on the inside
of the door
(see chapter Description of the appliance);
• The power supply voltage falls within the values indicated
on the data plate on the inside of the door.
• The socket is compatible with the plug of the appliance. If
this is not the case, ask an authorised technician to replace
see Assistance
the plug (
). Do not use extension cables or
multiple sockets.
Once the appliance has been installed, the power supply
cable and the electrical socket should be easily accessible.
The cable should not be bent or compressed.
If the power supply cable is damaged, have it replaced
by the manufacturer or its authorised Technical Assistance
Service in order to prevent all potential hazards.
The Company shall not be held responsible for any
incidents, if these regulations are not observed.
Positioning and levelling
1. Position the dishwasher on a level sturdy floor. If the floor is
uneven, the front feet of the appliance may be adjusted until
it reaches a horizontal position. If the appliance is levelled
correctly, it will be more stable and much less likely to move
or cause vibrations and noise while it is operating.
2. Before recessing the dishwasher, stick the adhesive
transparent strip under the wooden shelf in order to protect
it from any condensation which may form.
3. Place the dishwasher so that its sides or back panel
are in contact with the adjacent cabinets or the wall. This
appliance can also be recessed under a single worktop
the Assembly instruction sheet)
4. To adjust the height of the rear foot, turn the red hexagonal
bushing on the lower central part at the front of the dishwasher
using a hexagonal spanner with an opening of 8 mm. Turn the
spanner in a clockwise direction to increase the height and
in an anticlockwise direction to decrease it.
instruction sheet attached to the documentation)
and complies with current
(see Building-in

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