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Loading The Racks - Whirlpool ADG 271 Operating Manual

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Loading the racks

Before loading the racks, remove all food residues from the
crockery and empty liquids from glasses and containers. No
preventive rinsing is needed under running water.
Arrange the crockery so that it is held in place firmly and does
not tip over; and arrange the containers with the openings facing
downwards and the concave/convex parts placed obliquely,
thus allowing the water to reach every surface and flow freely.
Make sure that the lids, handles, trays and frying pans do not
prevent the spray arms from rotating. Place any small items in
the cutlery basket.
Since plastic dishes and non-stick frying pans usually retain more
water drops, their drying will be not so good as that of ceramic
or stainless-steel dishes.
Lightweight items such as plastic containers should be placed in
the upper rack and arranged so that they cannot move.
After loading the appliance, make sure that the spray arms can
rotate freely.
Lower rack
The lower rack can hold pans, lids, dishes, salad bowls, cutlery
etc. Large plates and lids should ideally be placed at the sides.
Very soiled dishes and pans should be placed in the lower rack
because in this sector the water sprays are stronger and allow
a higher washing performance.
Cutlery basket
The basket is equipped with top grilles for improved cutlery ar-
rangement. The cutlery basket should be positioned only at the
front of the lower rack.
Upper rack
Load this rack with delicate and lightweight crockery such as
glasses, cups, saucers and shallow salad bowls.
Adjustable position tip-up compartments
The side tip-up compartments can be positioned at three different
heights to optimize the arrangement of the crockery inside the
Wine glasses can be placed safely in
the tip-up compartments by inserting
the stem of each glass into the
corresponding slot.
For optimum drying results incline
the tip-up compartments more. To
change the inclination, pull up the tip-
up compartment, slide it slightly and
position it as you wish.

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