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Adjusting the height of the upper rack
The height of the upper rack can be adjusted: high position
to place bulky crockery in the lower rack and low position to
make the most of the tip-up compartments by creating more
space upwards.
It is strongly recommended to never adjust height position
when the rack is loaded.
NEVER raise or lower the rack on one side only.
Open the left and right guide rail stops and pull out the rack;
position it higher or lower as required, slide it along the guide rails
until the front wheels are in place and close the stops (see figure) .
Unsuitable crockery
• Wooden crockery and cutlery.
• Delicate decorated glasses, artistic handicraft and antique
crockery. Their decorations are not resistant.
• Parts in synthetic material which do not withstand high
• Copper and tin crockery.
• Crockery soiled with ash, wax, lubricating grease or ink.
The colours of glass decorations and aluminium/silver pieces
can change and fade during the washing process. Some types
of glass (e.g. crystal objects) can become opaque after a number
of wash cycles too.
Damage to glass and crockery
Caused by:
• Type of glass and glass production process.
• Chemical composition of detergent.
• Water temperature of rinse cycle.
• Only use glasses and porcelain guaranteed by the
manufacturer as dishwasher safe.
• Use a delicate detergent suitable for crockery.
• Collect glasses and cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as
the wash cycle is over.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents