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Advice regarding the first wash cycle
After the installation, remove the stoppers from the racks and
the retaining elastic elements from the upper rack (if any).
Water softener settings
Before starting the first wash cycle, set the hardness lev-
el of
the water from the mains supply. (see chapter Rinse
aid and refined salt).
First load the softener tank with water, then introduce about
1 kg of salt. It is perfectly normal for water to flow out.
As soon as this procedure is complete, run a wash cycle.
Only use salt that has been specifically designed for dish-
After the salt has been poured into the machine, the LOW
SALT indicator light switches off.
If the salt container is not filled, the water softener and the
heating element may be damaged as a result.
Technical data
width 44,5 cm
height 82 cm
depth 55 cm
10 standard place-settings
0,05 ÷ 1MPa (0.5 ÷ 10 bar)
Water supply pressure
7,25 psi – 145 psi
Power supply voltage
See appliance data plate
Total absorbed power
See appliance data plate
See appliance data plate
This dishwasher conforms to the
following European Community
-93/68/EEC (CE Marking)
-2006/95/EC (Low Voltage)
-2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic
-2009/125/EC (Comm. Reg.
1016/2010) (Ecodesign)
-2010/30/EC (Energy Labelling)
-2011/65/EC (RoHS)
-2012/19/CE Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
The machine has a buzzer/set of tones to inform the user that
a command has been implemented: power on, cycle end etc.
The symbols/indicator lights/LEDs on the control panel/
display may vary in colour and may have a flashing or fixed
The display provides useful information concerning the type
of wash cycle, drying/wash-cycle phase, remaining time,
temperature etc.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents