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The drive is activated as soon as you start pedalling (except
if you are using the push-assistance function or if the assist-
ance level is set to OFF). The motor output depends on the
settings of the assistance level on the on-board computer.
As soon as you stop pedalling when in normal operation, or
as soon as you have reached a speed of 25/45 km/h, the
eBike drive switches off the assistance. The drive is automat-
ically reactivated as soon you start pedalling again and the
speed is below 25/45 km/h.
The following options are available for switching off the
eBike system:
– Press the on/off button (1) of the on-board computer.
– Switch off the eBike battery using its on/off button (bi-
cycle manufacturer-specific solutions are possible when
there is no access to the battery on/off button; see the bi-
cycle manufacturer operating instructions).
The system shuts down after being switched off; this takes
approximately three seconds. It cannot be switched back on
until shutdown has been completed.
If the eBike is not moved for approx. 10 min and no button is
pressed on the on-board computer, the eBike system
switches off automatically in order to save energy.
Note: Always switch off the eBike system when you park the
Note: If the batteries of the on-board computer are empty,
you can still switch on your eBike using the bike's battery. It
is, however, recommended that you replace the internal bat-
teries as soon as possible in order to avoid damage.
Energy supply of the on-board computer
The on-board computer is supplied with voltage by two
CR2016 button cells.
Changing the batteries (see figure A)
If the on-board computer shows LOW BAT on the display,
remove the on-board computer from the handlebars by un-
screwing the fastening screw (3) of the on-board computer.
Open the battery compartment cover (10) using a suitable
coin, remove the used batteries and insert new CR 2016
batteries. You can obtain the batteries recommended by
Bosch from your bicycle dealer.
When inserting the batteries, ensure that the polarity is cor-
Close the battery compartment again and fasten the on-
board computer to your eBike's handlebars using the fasten-
ing screw (3).
Switching the push assistance on/off
The push assistance aids you when pushing your eBike. The
speed in this function depends on the selected gear and can
reach a maximum of 6 km/h. The lower the selected gear,
the lower the speed of the push assistance function (at full
The push assistance function must only be used when
pushing the eBike. There is a risk of injury if the wheels
of the eBike are not in contact with the ground while using
the push assistance.
1 207 020 XBP | (14.05.2018)
To activate push assistance, briefly press the WALK button
on your on-board computer. After activation, press the +
button within 3 s and keep it pressed. The eBike drive is
switched on.
The push assistance is switched off as soon as one of the
following occurs:
– You release the + button;
– The wheels of the eBike are locked (e.g. by applying the
brakes or hitting an obstacle);
– The speed exceeds 6 km/h.
Note: The push assistance cannot be activated at assistance
level OFF.
Note: On some systems, the push assistance can be started
directly by pressing the WALK button.
Setting the assistance level
You can set the level at which the eBike drive assists you
while pedalling on the on-board computer. The assistance
level can be changed at any time, even while cycling.
Note: In some models, the assistance level may be preset
and cannot be changed. There may also be fewer assistance
levels available than stated here.
If the manufacturer has configured the eBike with eMTB
Mode, the assistance level SPORT is replaced by eMTB. In
eMTB Mode, the assistance factor and torque are dynamic-
ally adjusted according to the force you exert on the pedals.
eMTB Mode is only available for Performance Line CX
The following assistance levels are available as a maximum:
– OFF: Motor assistance is switched off. The eBike can just
be moved by pedalling, as with a normal bicycle. The
push assistance cannot be activated at this assistance
– ECO: Effective assistance with maximum efficiency, for
maximum range
– TOUR: Steady assistance, long range for touring
SPORT: Powerful assistance, for mountain biking and for
cycling in urban traffic
eMTB: Optimum assistance whatever the terrain, rapid
acceleration when starting from a standstill, improved dy-
namics and top performance
– TURBO: Maximum assistance even at high pedalling
speeds, for biking sports
To increase the assistance level, briefly
ton + (6) on the on-board computer repeatedly until the re-
quired assistance level appears on the indicator (i). To de-
crease the assistance level briefly press
If the display is set to TRIP, TOTAL or RANGE, the selected
assistance level will only be superimposed briefly (for ap-
prox. one second) on the display when switching over.
Switching bicycle lights on/off
For the model which has the bike lights powered by the
eBike system, a medium-length press
press the but-
the button – (5).
of the button + will
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